Animal Pillow Box Free Printables

These Animal Pillow Box Printables are super cute! The bunny one is perfect for Easter!

Animal Pillow Box Printables

animal pillow box free printables

They’re available on Ars Pro Toto and while the website is written in German, I figured they were too adorable not to share. Simply scroll down to the end of the post and look for the three link titles beginning with “PDF”.  They have a fox, bunny and cat option. So grab some empty toilet paper rolls and start crafting!

Happy Printing!

UPDATE: Use Google Translate to translate the website linked above to see how these fun pillow cases were made!



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2 thoughts on “Animal Pillow Box Free Printables

  1. Thank you for sharing my printables. BTW the language is german. 😉 Please use Google translator.
    Best wishes from Vienna/Austria

    1. Wonderful Sonja! Thank you for letting me know. I absolutely love these printables and can’t wait to make them with the kids later today!

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