Money Savvy Soccer Ball and Printable Ledger for Kids!

I see people everyday, whether on social media or in real life, who struggle with budgeting their money. Don’t let your children grow up being financially illiterate! It’s never to early to teach kids about good money habits, including how to put away money to save, donate, invest and, of course, to spend.

This Money Savvy Soccer Ball is a fun way to teach kids the value of money and how to budget in order to reach their goals. There are four chambers inside this ball, labeled invest, donate, spend and save. Use the included stickers to set financial goals or use the blank ones to write in your own.

Set four financial goals, one for each chamber:

Donate – Help your child pick out their favorite charity or another way to help those in need. We donate to Toys for Tots throughout the year, because we know what a blessing they are to local foster kids.

Save – Whether saving for a long-term goal, such as a car, or something more short-term, like a bicycle or pet. My son wants to save up for his own computer.

Invest – This section is for long-term goals, such as college. The Savvy Money Bank comes with a great pamphlet on how to get started in investing in stock if that’s something you are interested in, as well.

Spend – And, of course, the spend chamber. This is for less expensive items, like favorite snacks or DVDs. Or, if you’re like my son, a new Xbox game!

The translucent soccer ball allows them to watch as their money grows, getting closer to their goals!

And, of course, each chamber has it’s own opening with a locking lid to easily remove your money when it’s needed.

We are big soccer fans, so my boys are in love with this piggy bank. In fact, I may have to get two more so the other two boys have one of their own. However, if you’re not a fan of soccer, Money Savvy also has football, cow and pig banks. This award winning bank is a great way to help kids achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

And, in order to keep track of all the money they’ll be putting into their piggy bank, we’ve got a free printable ledger!

Simply write down each deposit and withdrawal to keep track of how much money is in each compartment. This is a great way to work on simple math skills too!

To grab this free printable, download and print the Save, Spend, Donate and Invest Ledger.

And to get your own Money Savvy Soccer Ball (or one of the other fun money banks), visit the Money Savvy Generation at


Disclosure: While we received this product in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own. My son has claimed this one a winner and can’t wait to reach his goals!



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