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12 Ways to Improve the Appeal of Small Places

Designing small spaces and giving it an appeal and making it look inviting is a challenging job. It requires a good amount of thinking and planning to make the place look inviting and functional. It is always interesting to try new ideas and interior designs, because they can look amazing and change the look of the place. Sometimes it is seen that using the old traditional ideas do not create a visual impact. The place should not look cluttered and cramped.

12 Ways to Improve the Appeal of Small Places

Plan and Strategize
Before starting on the renovations, with the use of equipment like those for tracks, it is important to strategize and plan on what are the requirements and priorities which are important so that we can save on time and money. It is important to think on the usage and function of a particular space for us to identify the needs and requirements. Once we find our answers, then it makes sense to purchase things or renovate the place. This process helps in saving the money as well as time.


Color and scheme
For small spaces it is necessary for painting the walls in soft and soothing colors. The neutral colors will make the small place look bigger. Dark colors will make the room look smaller. Doing the place up in one color is better for making the place look spacious and cozy.

Walls and ceiling
The walls can be painted in warm hues of colors or we can even go bold by adding a dark color to the wall which would make the place look lively. If there are high ceilings and we must utilize the space by adding curtains or drapes from the ceiling to the ground which draws the attention and gives it a nice ambiance. The furnishing should be kept away from the wall so that there is some space for other things to fit in.

Multifunctional Furniture
Since the place is small it is better to invest in furniture that is multifunctional and light weight in terms of storage and sitting. A petite sofa with good upholstery will give the place a compact look. The tables can be made into coffee tables or for keeping the show pieces. A table can be used as a desk and can also convert to a dining table. It is necessary to be creative to think through ideas which will help in flexible creations to fill up the small spaces and the can look inviting at the same time.


Book shelves and Cabinets
Best way to improvise on space is to utilize the walls by making shelves. There are the adjustable shelves that can be mounted on the walls, which are ideal for the living rooms and the bedrooms.
The cabinets can also be very handy. We can have cabinets with different colors which would complement the style of the room and add color to the place. The cabinets can have glass doors to display the items placed in them.

Using Curtains or Screens
The curtains or screens can be used a divider for the rooms. We can use beautiful silk curtains or the designer ones that are available in the markets. The screen or curtains help to separate or divide two rooms if required. When not in use they can be put aside.

Space beneath the stairs
The space beneath the stairs can be well utilized as storage spaces by making shelves or cabinets for storing accessories or tools.

Beds with Drawers
Beds with built-in drawers are the best for small spaces. Drawers can be made beneath the beds for extra storage space. It can be used for storing the bedding, blankets, linen and other stuff.


Hanging Lights
Small places can often give the cramped and dark look. It is important to have proper light fixtures for brightening the room. Hanging lights from the wall or the ceiling are the best remedy for smaller spaces. The lights illuminate the room and give it a bright look. We can hang small lamps or colorful lampshades to give the place an aesthetic look.

Adding large windows
The windows bring in natural light into the room. The space near the window can be used for making a nice window seat. The windows can be covered with pretty drapes, which can be pulled aside when required.

Adding mirrors and Accessories
Putting large mirrors on the walls strategically in their respective frames makes the room look pretty, as they help to create the illusion of space and depth within the room. They reflect the light in the room which makes the room look beautiful and inviting.

The accessories add beauty to the room. But the accessories need to be added smartly in the rooms or else the rooms would look very much cluttered. They can be decorated on shelves or cabinets or be decorated on the counter tops. Even a big piece of art in the room can help to give the place a dramatic effect.


Adding greenery
Bringing in the greens in small spaces bring in a breath of freshness to the place. Pots can be hung in vessels or pots from the walls. We can keep artificial bonsai trees and fake bonsai trees to add to the greenery in the rooms. These do not take much space and can be put in the corners. The large outdoor artificial trees can be put near the entrance. The pine trees can be put into colorful pots and can be used for the corners of the room. These can be decorated as during the festive seasons.


Incorporating Holiday Decor
Holiday decor doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A simple frame can be placed on display in any room, allowing you to change out the art work with each season. There are several free art printables online, so you’re sure to find one that fits in with your decor. This Happy Easter Bunny printable is available as a free printable at the end of this post.


Designing small spaces and making them look appealing can be done by moving around things and colors that are tricky to the eyes and makes the place look bigger. Adding extra accessories and different strategies can change the look of a place and make it look cozy and welcoming. We can design and use methods of using the correct colors and lighting that would maximize space and make it look less cluttered and give it an aesthetic look. These small changes can create a major difference in the small space and can make it look appealing.

Do you have any unique tips for improving the appeal of small spaces? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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