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3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with Printables

Looking for a spooky craft to do with the kids this Halloween? How about a 3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with yarn brains and a springy eye ball! Gather a few simple supplies and the free printables to recreate your own zombie face.


3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with Printables

3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with free Printable template


Supplies You’ll Need:

  • PDF template (found at the end of this post)
  • 1 pc white paper
  • 1 pc colored paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Brain colored yarn
  • Marker
  • School glue
  • Glue Stick or double sided tape
  • Scissors




Step 1: Print the Templates

Start by printing the zombie face template onto white paper and the head and eye template onto colored paper. If you want to add a personal touch, you can print the head template on white paper, cut it out, and then trace it onto your colored paper instead.


Step 2: Create a Spooky Background

Now, let’s set the eerie scene for your zombie. Take your marker and color a corner of the paper plate. Don’t worry about perfection here; you can color it sloppily because this area will be covered in yarn later. Choose a marker color that matches your yarn for a cohesive look, or get creative by opting for a contrasting color to make your zombie stand out.



Step 3: Craft the Zombie Brains

With your colored plate ready, it’s time to give your zombie some brains. Squeeze a generous amount of glue over the section of the plate you just colored with the marker. This will serve as the base for your zombie’s brains.

Now, grab your brain-colored yarn and start creating a twisting pattern on the glued section. The irregular twists will give your zombie brains an authentic and creepy look. Continue until you’ve covered the entire glued area with yarn. This textured brain detail will make your zombie truly spine-chilling.



Step 4: Assemble the Zombie’s Head

Moving on to the head of your zombie, cut out the pattern provided for the springy eye ball and the head from your colored paper. The template will guide you on cutting about 3/4th of the plate and then ripping the other side.



Now, take the ripped head piece and glue it onto the paper plate, ensuring that the open, ripped edge exposes the eerie yarn brain beneath. For this step, a glue stick works best to adhere the paper securely to the plate. However, you might need to use a bit more school glue for the parts where the paper overlaps with the yarn to ensure a firm bond.



Step 5: Craft the Spooky Eye Ball

To make your zombie’s eye ball springy and fun, fold the springy eye piece in an accordion-style, alternating back and forth. Cut out the face pieces from the template, and attach the accordion-folded paper piece to one eye ball. You can choose to use either tape or glue for this step, depending on your preference.



Step 6: Assemble the Zombie’s Face

Now, it’s time to bring your zombie to life! Assemble the face pieces onto the plate and use your glue stick to attach them securely. You can get creative and add some additional details by drawing scars and other spooky features with your marker. This personal touch will make your zombie unique and even more frightening.



With the face pieces in place and the yarn brains peeking out, your 3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft is complete and ready to spook! Let your creativity run wild and create a whole army of these gruesome zombies in various colors to decorate your home this Halloween.


3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with Printables

This craft project is not only a fun and engaging activity for kids but also an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit. Whether you choose to display your zombie creation as a decoration or use it for a spooky storytelling session, it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and imaginative play as they bring their undead creation to life.

So, grab your supplies, print the templates, and enjoy crafting your very own 3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft with the kids this Halloween. It’s a thrilling and creative way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year!


As you revel in the excitement of creating your 3D Zombie Paper Plate Craft, don’t forget to explore more thrilling crafting adventures. If you’re eager for another round of zombie-themed creativity, be sure to check out this exciting Paper Plate Zombie Craft Version 2.0 project available at With a range of ideas and templates, you can keep the spooky crafting fun going all season long. Happy Halloween crafting!



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