9 Printable Skeleton Crafts

Halloween and skeletons just go hand in hand, so we’ve gathered up some fun Printable Skeleton Crafts just in time for Halloween!

9 Printable Skeleton Crafts

Simply print them out, color them or leave them as is and add brass fasteners to link up all their pieces. Choose your favorite or grab them all!




Make a moveable skeleton with this printable from Ben and Jerry’s, because what skeleton doesn’t love some good ice cream! Grab this freebie HERE.




Here’s another movable skeleton craft and while the directions are in Spanish, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Grab this freebie HERE.




This Skeleton from Wikihow is a little more serious looking than the others. This one also has step-by-step instructions if you need a little extra help putting together your skeleton!




Grab this Mechanical Skeleton from DZ Doodles.




Hang these skeleton pieces from a hanger to create your very own skeleton puppet! Get this printable from Color with Leo.




Grab this Skeleton Toy and his friends (Mummy, Bear and Robot) from Woo Jr.




I absolutely adore this Skeleton Printable.



Of course, you could always make building a skeleton into a game like this one from All for the Boys.




Or create several of the same skeletons in different colors with this printable from Paper Zip.


Did we forget one? Let us know so that we can add it to the list!

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