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90s Valentine’s Day Cards

Transport back to the vibrant and whimsical world of the 90s with a collection of Valentine’s Day cards that channel the iconic and colorful essence reminiscent of Lisa Frank’s unforgettable designs. For those who grew up in the 90s, the mention of Lisa Frank brings back memories of school supplies adorned with vivid, fantastical themes featuring everything from majestic unicorns to playful dolphins. The nostalgia of this era, combined with the love for characters like Forrest, Casey & Camus, and an array of magical creatures, is captured beautifully in these specially designed 90s Valentine’s Day Cards.


90s Valentine’s Day Cards90s Valentine's Day Cards Free Printables


Celebrating Love with a Splash of 90s Nostalgia

These Valentine’s Day cards are a nod to the bright, bold aesthetics that defined the 90s, offering a unique way to celebrate the season of love. They come in two distinct versions, each boasting five card styles that are infused with the spirit of 90s design—think purple and teal or pink and blue color schemes that instantly transport you back in time.

The Charm of Print, Cut, and Go

Embracing the simplicity of the era, these cards are designed for ease and convenience. Printing them on heavy-weighted or white cardstock paper is recommended to ensure each Valentine holds up to the excitement of the day and showcases the vibrant colors in all their glory. The sturdy feel of cardstock also adds a touch of quality that recipients are sure to appreciate.


90s Valentine's Day Cards for kids DIY Free


Personalization and Treats

After printing and cutting out your 90s Valentine’s Day cards, you can personalize each one by signing the back. To make your valentines even more memorable, consider pairing them with themed treats such as fun pencils, lollipops, or small treat bags filled with goodies. These thoughtful additions not only complement the nostalgic theme but also make your valentines stand out with a personal touch that goes beyond the ordinary.

A Mix and Match Adventure

The beauty of having two different versions is the ability to mix and match your Valentine’s Day cards, creating a customized assortment that caters to various tastes and preferences. Whether you lean towards the dreamy aesthetic of purple and teal or the sweet charm of pink and blue, these cards offer the flexibility to tailor your Valentine’s Day greetings to your heart’s content.


90s Valentine's Day Cards DIY


Reviving 90s Style with Modern Flair

In a world where digital communications often dominate, these 90s-themed Valentine’s Day cards offer a tangible and heartfelt way to express affection. They not only serve as a tribute to the unforgettable style of Lisa Frank and the era it represents but also provide an opportunity to share a piece of your childhood with friends and family.


Ready to dive into a sea of nostalgia and spread love with a 90s twist? These Valentine’s Day cards invite you to relive the magic of the decade known for its bold colors and imaginative designs. By combining the ease of print-and-go with the playful spirit of the 90s, these valentines are perfect for anyone looking to make their Valentine’s Day celebrations extra special and memorably vibrant.

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