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Snowman Accordion Printable Craft

Embrace the Winter Wonderland with Our Snowman Accordion Printable Craft Extravaganza! Are you on the lookout for a delightful winter craft that will captivate both kids and adults alike? Well, look no further! We have just the thing to ignite your creativity and fine-tune those motor skills – the Snowman Accordion Printable Craft! Not only …

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Penguin Accordion Printable Craft

Let’s add to our winter accordion craft series with this adorable Penguin Accordion Printable Craft! This fun character comes together quickly with use of construction paper, a little glue, and our free printable template.   Penguin Accordion Printable Craft     Did you know that a group of penguins in the water is called a …

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Polar Bear Accordion Craft

We’ve received several emails about our Christmas Accordion Craft series lately and several of you love them, but didn’t have time to get them done before Christmas. So, we’ve put together a Winter Accordion Craft series for you! It’s a smaller series, with only 5 characters, but they’re all adorable. And we’re starting the series …

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Nutcracker Christmas Accordion Craft

I saved my favorite character from this Christmas craft series for last. So finally, our 10th and final project is this adorable Nutcracker Christmas Accordion Craft! He’s got more pieces than the other characters, but he’s definitely worth it. And the printable template makes this an easy craft!   Nutcracker Christmas Accordion Craft   To …

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Christmas Tree Accordion Craft

We’re winding down our Christmas craft series with the last two accordion crafts. And excluding Santa, these last two are definitely my favorites. First up, a Christmas Tree Accordion Craft complete with Christmas bulbs!   Christmas Tree Accordion Craft   Get started on this post by grabbing a few simple supplies and the free printable …

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