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Alien Toy Story Christmas Ornament

What is your favorite Toy Story character? Some of my favorite characters are the little green men! So of course, I had to make some Alien Toy Story Christmas Ornaments to add to the rest of this Toy Story collection.


Alien Toy Story Christmas OrnamentAlien Toy Story Christmas Ornament Free DIY Printable craft


The supplies for this Toy Story ornament is the same as it was for the other ones. So gather them back up and grab the free printable template found at the bottom of this post to get started.


Cardstock (we used blue, white, purple, and green)
Glitter (optional)
Ribbon or Twine


After downloading your template, use the guided instructions at the top of each page to print the template out using the correct colors of cardstock paper.  After everything is printed, carefully cut out all of your pieces.



If you’re using glitter, you can add that to your pieces now, as you go, or after your ornament is complete. Either way, be sure the glitter is completely dry before handling.


Using glue, begin to assemble your alien. Grab the large green piece first and glue the blue half circle to the bottom, followed by the purple piece, as shown below.



Attach the antenna to the back, center top of the alien’s head and add his eyes.


If you’re using the Mickey Mouse ears, add those to the back, top of your ornament.



Get a small section of ribbon or twine and form a loop out of it. Attach the loop to the back of your ornament for hanging.


Alien Toy Story Christmas Ornament


Allow to fully dry and your ornaments are complete!



Click the button below to grab the free printable template for this Alien Toy Story Christmas Ornament.

These look great on your Christmas tree, but you can use them as gift tags to jazz up your presents too.



And don’t forget to grab the rest of the Toy Story characters in this series! Click the photo below to get the free printable templates.

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