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Baby Yoda Birthday Banner

I can’t believe I forgot to share this Baby Yoda Birthday Banner! My daughter is obsessed with Baby Yoda and requested a Baby Yoda themed Birthday back in January. We had an awesome Yoda cake ordered from a local baker and I whipped up this fun Birthday Banner for her!


Baby Yoda Birthday Banner

Baby Yoda Birthday Banner Free Printable Mandalorian


Have you guys seen The Mandalorian yet? We’ve really enjoyed the series and can’t wait for a new season! We’re all obsessed with it and loved sitting down and watching each episode together as a family.  It’s definitely a great family show for anyone who loves Star Wars.


Free Printable Baby Yoda Banner

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know by now that I absolutely love making banners. They’re so simple to put together – especially when you have a free printable, which I’m going to share with you all!


The supplies are pretty basic, which is one of the reasons I love this project so much. You’ll need white cardstock, scissors, hole punch, twine (or ribbon or yarn), and the free printable below.


After downloading your printable, print it out on the white cardstock.



Using your scissors, carefully cut out each of your banner pieces.



Grab a single hole punch and punch a hole in the top left and right side of each square.



Next, gather up your twine. I used jute twine from Amazon but yarn or ribbon would work too.


Layout your banner pieces as you want them to be displayed so that you know what order to thread your pieces onto the strong.  Then begin threading each of your banner squares onto your twine, as shown.



Continue adding each square until your banner is complete, gently sliding each piece down the twine until it’s in place. 



You can create two lines of text, like I did, or make one long banner.  If you want, uou can even print out extra Yoda pieces and add them to your banner wherever you’d like. 


Baby Yoda Birthday Banner Free Printable Mandalorian


Finally, hang up your banner and put it on display!  You can use washi tape to hang it up if needed. We’ve used it before and it’s worked great and doesn’t damage the walls.  Currently, I use Velcro Command Strips as I’m able to hide them (due to the location I put them in) and they’re reusable, so they’re always there whenever I want to change out the banner over my fireplace.  


Baby Yoda Birthday Banner Free Printable Mandalorian


My daughter loves this banner so much that I plan on changing out the “Happy Birthday” message with her name and hanging it up in her room, above her window. If you’d like one with your child’s name, send me a quick email and I’d be happy to get one sent over to you.

To recreate this printable Baby Yoda Birthday Banner, click the button below for the free printable.


*This printable, like all printables found on, is for personal use only.



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