Baby Yoda Printable Valentines

It’s no surprise that my daughter wants Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to her classmates this year.  And of course, we had to share them here as well! Grab these Baby Yoda Printable Valentines for your little Star Wars fan!

Baby Yoda Printable Valentines

Baby Yoda Printable Valentines


You’ll want to print these Valentines out on white cardstock or heavy weighted paper.  You can find the free printable at the end of this post and it comes in a blue or red version. Pick your favorite color combination or use both!

After printing out your Valentine’s Day cards, carefully cut each one out and have your little one sign their name on them.


Baby Yoda Printable Valentines Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards


After each one is signed they are ready to pass out to family, friends, and classmates! Of course, you could also add in some little treats or use them as gift tags.


I know my daughter will want to pass out a little treat to her classmates, so I ran to our local Walmart and found some cute options for her to choose from.


Baby Yoda Printable Valentines Printable Star Wars Valentine's Day Cards


I love these little Hershey chocolate hearts. Use double sided tape, glue dots, or washi tape to attach each heart to a Valentine. Or put a few in a small treat bag and staple the Valentine to the top, to use as a gift tag.


And of course, Conversation Hearts are always a Valentine Day staple. You can use the regular sized boxes or the mini boxes shown below. We really like this Tropical Fruit flavor! Again, use double sided tape, washi tape, or glue dots to affix your cards to the candy boxes.


Baby Yoda Printable Valentines Free Printable Yoda Valentine's Day Cards


Or for a candy free option, grab some small frog toys or some colorful pencils. I found these fun, rainbow colored pencils at Walmart and I know they’ll be a hit with my daughter.


Baby Yoda Printable Valentines Free Printables!


The options are endless! I’d love to hear what you do with these free printables, so feel free to leave us a comment or email a picture!


Ready to grab these Baby Yoda Printable Valentines? Click the button below for the free printable!


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