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Back 2 School Bus Craft

Looking for a fun and easy school-themed craft that captures the excitement of back-to-school time? Well, look no further! This delightful bus craft is not only adorable but also a breeze to put together, thanks to the free printable template provided. Whether you’re looking for a Back-to-School project or a creative activity to enjoy throughout the school year, the Back 2 School Bus Craft is a perfect choice. What makes it even more special? You have the fantastic opportunity to personalize each bus by adding photos of your kids, students, beloved animal characters, or any other whimsical elements that come to mind, peering out from the bus windows.


Back 2 School Bus Craft

Back 2 School Bus Craft


The Craft:

Let’s get started on crafting your own back-to-school bus! Begin by gathering a few basic supplies that you probably already have on hand:


Construction Paper
Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


Once you have your supplies at the ready, print out each page of the bus template on the corresponding color. Be sure to make clean and precise cuts around the template edges after printing. Alternatively, you can opt to print the template on regular printer paper, carefully cut out each piece, and then trace the shapes onto construction paper. If you choose this method, adding the charming school bus details on the side can easily be accomplished using a sharpie, black marker, or any writing utensil of your preference.




With your paper pieces prepared, it’s time to assemble your bus! Utilize a glue stick or white craft glue to affix each piece to the body of the bus. To guide you through the process, refer to the accompanying photos. Begin by attaching the long grey strip to the bottom of the bus template and aligning the yellow half circles exactly as depicted.




Moving on to the wheels of your creative masterpiece, layer the black circles over the yellow half circles, creating a visually appealing contrast. As the final touch for the wheels, center the gray circles over the black ones, completing this charming element of your bus design.




Having completed the wheels, it’s now time to turn your attention to the windows. Follow the visual cues below to position each window piece accurately, enhancing the overall look of your craft with the intricate details that bring the bus to life.




As you approach the final steps of your craft, attach the remaining pieces to your bus template. Adorn your creation with the vibrant lights and the iconic stop sign, lending an air of authenticity to your school bus masterpiece.




Now, exercise a little patience as you allow the glue to dry and set. Once the glue has firmly adhered, step back and admire your handiwork. You’ve successfully crafted a Back 2 School Bus that’s not only charming but also a delightful representation of the school journey.



But wait, there’s more! These endearing buses aren’t just limited to your crafting space. They can also be fabulous additions to classroom bulletin boards, creating a cheerful and inviting environment for students. And here’s where you can inject even more of your personal touch. Consider cutting out small photos of your kids, favorite characters, or any images that resonate with you, and carefully glue them within the windows of the bus. Imagine the joy on the faces of your students as they see themselves or their beloved characters ‘riding’ the school bus – it’s a personalized touch that adds an extra layer of excitement to the craft.


Visualize the incredible scene of each student proudly showcasing their personalized bus, each one with its unique passengers and stories. With the Back 2 School Bus Craft, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


Back to School Free Printable Bus Craft


Bus Safety and Etiquette:

In the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school season, it’s important to remember that the excitement of riding a school bus comes with a responsibility to prioritize safety and exhibit good behavior. Teaching children about bus safety and etiquette not only ensures a smooth and secure journey to and from school but also imparts valuable life lessons. As you embark on the Back 2 School Bus Craft, take a moment to emphasize the significance of responsible bus conduct and the importance of following bus rules.


When discussing bus safety, it’s crucial to cover topics such as safe boarding and disembarking from the bus. Teach kids to wait at a safe distance from the road, allowing the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching it. Remind them to use the handrail when getting on and off the bus and to step away promptly after exiting. This craft offers an excellent opportunity to underscore these points, as children can visually see how people enter and exit through the bus doors.


Etiquette also plays a vital role in creating a positive bus experience for all passengers. Talk to kids about respecting the driver and fellow passengers, using inside voices, and staying seated while the bus is in motion. Stress the importance of keeping the aisle clear and not engaging in any behaviors that might distract the driver or disrupt the journey. The Back 2 School Bus Craft can serve as a tangible reminder of these etiquette lessons. Encourage kids to imagine themselves as responsible bus riders, making courteous choices and demonstrating a sense of community while on board.


By incorporating bus safety and etiquette discussions into the crafting process, you not only enhance the educational value of the project but also contribute to fostering a culture of safety and respect among young learners. This craft becomes more than just a creative endeavor; it becomes a hands-on lesson in responsible behavior, encouraging children to be conscientious riders as they journey to their educational destinations.


The Printable:

Are you ready to embark on this creative journey? The free printable template is just a click away. So gather your supplies, let your creativity soar, and enjoy the delightful process of crafting a school bus that’s sure to bring smiles and a sense of adventure to anyone who sees it.

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