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Bat Line Study Art

We’ve previously shared several Halloween Line Study projects and we have several new ones this year to share with you all.  If you’re unfamiliar with line studies, they’re a fun way to teach young artists the importance of using lines to create shape, texture, pattern, movement, space, and even optical illusions in art design.  This Bat Line Study Art piece is the perfect way to get your artists started on line work!


Bat Line Study Art

Bat Line Study Art Free printable


Instead of looking at this page as a whole, you’ll focus on one section at a time.  Each section will be treated as it’s own little art space. You can use a ruler and straight lines, like we did in ours.  Or you can use any shapes or line design you want.  Get creative with it!


Bat Line Study Art free halloween

Let’s do it!

To get started, grab the free printable template found at the end of this post.  We recommend printing it onto white cardstock or heavy weight paper.  However, regular printer paper will work too. You’ll also need something to draw with – a pencil, marker, sharpie, etc.  And if you want, grab some glue and a piece of colored cardstock to use as a background, matting your final art piece. 


Bat Line Study Art


If you’d like, you can also grab something to color your final piece in with, such as crayons or colored pencils.  


After printing out the bat template, begin working on one section at a time filling them in with straight lines, swirls, dots or anything else you choose.


Bat Line Study Art Free Halloween activity



After every section is filled in, you can go back through and color each one.  Get creative with it!  You can color the bat all one color or you can color in each shape a different color.  No idea is wrong here.


Bat Line Study Art free halloween worksheet


Finally,  cut off the border of your finished project and glue it onto the colored cardstock you picked out earlier.  This will create a matte look for your final art piece.  This step, of course, is optional. 


Bat Line Study Art


And that’s it! Allow everything to dry and your art piece is ready to be put on display!


Bat Line Study Art


Ready to create your own Bat Line Study Art piece?  Click the image below to grab the printable template!


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