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Boston Terrier Paper Bag Puppet

Looking for another fun and simple craft to entertain the kiddos?  We put together this Boston Terrier Paper Bag Puppet Craft and it’s just the cutest!  This is a great craft for any dog lover.  Or pair it with a silly Boston Terrier book for an afternoon of fun. 


Boston Terrier Paper Bag Puppet




To get started, first gather up a few items:


Colored cardstock (we used white, black, and grey/brown)



Paper Bag

Printable template (found at the end of this post)


After downloading the free printable template found below (look for the “click here” button), print out all four pages.


Cut out each template piece and trace onto your colored paper before cutting out each piece.


After cutting everything out, use the image below as a guide to assemble your Boston Terrier Paper Bag Puppet.



Start by gluing the white rectangle onto the paper bag, under the flap, then add the body side pieces.   Next, glue the large head piece to the flap and center the long white piece on top, letting it overhang a little at the bottom to create the bottom jaw.  Glue the eyes and other mouth piece in place before adding the nose.  Finally, glue the ear pieces together and attach them to the back of your puppet, as shown.



After allowing everything to dry, your puppet is now ready to be played with!  What adventures will your Boston Terrier go on?  Make a whole family of Boston Terriers or check out our full list of paper bag puppet crafts for more characters to use in your next puppet show.


Ready to recreate this Boston Terrier Puppet Bag Craft?  Click the button below to grab the free printable template.

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