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Build a Monster Printable Activity

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to share this Build a Monster Printable Activity with your little ones.  Before trick-or-treating commences, consider this make-a-monster activity from Personal Creations.

Build a Monster Printable Activity

Build a Monster Printable Activity for Halloween!


This monster craft requires only a few simple materials: paper (you can use regular printer paper or cardstock if you want something heavier), tape or glue, scissors and the printables themselves.  Be sure to grab some crayons or colored pencils if you want to get completely creative with your monster!



The 26 page printable packet comes with a variety of parts so kids can customize their monster the way they’d like.   The first several pages feature colored monster parts to cut out.  The last several pages are simply black and white, allowing you to get creative and color in your monster parts however you want. 




You can choose to print only the first set of pages, allowing you to cut and assemble. Or you can print the last set and start filling in your monsters before cutting and assembling them.  You can also choose to print out the last set of body parts onto colored paper, giving you even more monster choices. 


Start with the body, then add legs, arms, eyes and a mouth. They also include fun accessories, so the kids can add fun wings or a fancy top hat to their monster. The opportunities for creativity are endless with this craft!


Build a Monster Printable Activity

This activity is best suited for preschoolers to young elementary-level children.  However, adults are welcome to join in on the crafting too!  



My daughter enjoyed using both sets of printables, especially being able to color in her own!



Build a Monster Printable Activity Free Activities



Want to start building your own family of monsters?  Grab the free printables to get started!


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