Build a Monster Printable Activity

Halloween is right around the corner! And it’s the perfect time to share a Build a Monster Printable with the little ones. Before trick-or-treating commences, consider this make-a-monster activity from Personal Creations.

Build a Monster Printable Activity

Build a Monster Printable Activity for Halloween!

This monster craft just takes a few simple materials: tape or glue, scissors and the printables themselves!

The printables come with a variety of parts so kids can customize their monster the way they’d like. Start with the body, then add legs, arms, eyes and a mouth. They also include fun accessories, so the kids can add fun wings or a fancy top hat to their monster. The opportunities for creativity are endless with this craft.

This activity is best suited for preschoolers to young elementary-level children, but adults are welcome to join in on the crafting!

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