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Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet with Printables

Are your kids learning about bees or looking for a fun spring or summer craft? Add this fun Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet to your idea bag!


Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet with PrintablesBumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet with free printables


I loved creating paper bag puppets as a kid, and now I enjoy making them with my own kids. These Bumble Bee puppets are easy to put together using supplies you probably already have at home. Gather up your supplies, and make a whole family of bees for your next puppet show!


Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet with free printables


To get started, gather a few supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper
Paper Bags
Black Marker



After gather up all of your supplies, download and print out the template found at the end of this post.


Cut large squares of cardstock or construction paper and glue them onto the paper bag, being careful not to glue the flap down. Using scissors, trim off any excess paper from the sides.



Trace and cut out the bee’s face shape onto cardstock. Glue the face shape onto the paper bag and, using scissors, trim off any excess paper from the sides, as shown in the photo.



Cut strips from your black paper and glue them to the front of the paper bag. Again, use scissors to trim off any excess paper from the sides.



Trace the antennae template onto black paper, cut it out and glue it on the back of the paper bag.



Trace the stinger onto black paper, cut out and glue onto the back of the paper bag.



Using white paper, trace the wing template and cut it out. Glue the wings onto the back of the paper bag.



Cut the eyes out and glue them on the bee’s face. Trace the small oval onto red paper, cut it out and glue it just below the eyes.



Use a black marker to add a mouth to your bee’s face and your bee paper bag puppet is finished!

This is such a fun and inexpensive craft for a classroom! Have fun and make bees in every color of the rainbow!

Congratulations on successfully crafting your adorable Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet! Now that you have a buzzing bee friend, the fun and learning can continue beyond the crafting process. This versatile puppet opens up a world of possibilities for imaginative play, storytelling, educational exploration, and even community engagement. Let’s explore the exciting ways you can make the most of your bumble bee puppet and enjoy countless hours of entertainment and enrichment.

  1. Puppet Shows and Storytelling Adventures:

Your bumble bee puppet is ready to take center stage in engaging puppet shows and storytelling sessions. Encourage your kids to develop their storytelling skills by creating imaginative narratives featuring their bee puppet as the main character. They can explore various themes, settings, and even incorporate other puppet characters for an interactive and entertaining performance. Engaging in puppetry enhances language development, creativity, and boosts confidence as kids step into the shoes of storytellers.

  1. Educational Endeavors:

Transform your bumble bee puppet into an educational tool to enhance learning experiences. Explore the world of bees by incorporating the puppet into lessons on pollination, the importance of bees in nature, and the lifecycle of bees. Engage your children in discussions about environmental conservation, the interdependence of living organisms, and the significance of biodiversity. The puppet can also serve as a visual aid during presentations or discussions on insects and their roles in ecosystems.

  1. Nature Walks and Outdoor Adventures:

Take your bumble bee puppet on outdoor excursions and nature walks. Encourage your children to observe flowers, plants, and trees, while imagining the puppet interacting with the natural environment. This interactive experience can foster a deeper connection to nature and increase awareness about the importance of bees in our surroundings. You can also use the puppet to engage in role-playing activities, imagining the bee collecting nectar and pollinating flowers.

  1. Community Outreach and Awareness:

Your bumble bee puppet can become an ambassador for bee conservation in your community. Consider organizing a puppet show at local schools, libraries, or community centers, spreading awareness about the vital role of bees and the importance of their protection. Use the puppet as a visual aid during presentations on environmental topics or bee-related initiatives. By sharing knowledge and advocating for bee conservation, you inspire others to take action and make a positive impact.

  1. Collaborative Crafts and Art Projects:

Involve your bumble bee puppet in collaborative crafts and art projects. Your kids can create a puppet theater using recycled materials, design costumes for the puppet, or even paint a vibrant backdrop for puppet performances. Encourage them to explore different artistic mediums and techniques while incorporating the bumble bee puppet into their creations. This collaborative and artistic expression fosters creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

  1. Social and Emotional Development:

Engaging with the bumble bee puppet can also support social and emotional development. Encourage your children to express their feelings and emotions through puppet play. The puppet can become a trusted confidant, offering a safe space for imaginative role-playing and emotional exploration. This form of play helps children develop empathy, improve communication skills, and gain a deeper understanding of their own emotions.


With your Bumble Bee Paper Bag Puppet by your side, the fun, learning, and creativity never cease. From entertaining puppet shows to educational endeavors, nature exploration, community outreach, collaborative crafts, and emotional development, this versatile puppet offers endless opportunities for engagement and enrichment. Embrace the magic of puppetry and watch as your bumble bee puppet becomes a cherished companion, inspiring curiosity, imagination, and a deeper appreciation for the world of bees. So, let your puppet soar and embark on exciting adventures together!


Mary Lou Johnson

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

The Bumble Bee and Ladybug Puppets are the cutest:)

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