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Buzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament

We’re half way through the Toy Story ornament set and Buzz Lightyear is up next! Recreate this Buzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament and add it, along with Woody and Jessie, to the rest of your collection!


Buzz Toy Story Christmas OrnamentBuzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament Free Printable DIY Craft


Just as with Woody and Jessie, the Mickey Mouse ears are optional, so make him with or without them.  Glitter is also optional. You can add glitter before assembling the pieces, after your ornament is complete, or as you go. Just be sure that everything is completely dry before handling any glitter pieces.


To get started, gather up a few basic supplies and grab the free printable template found at the end of this post.



Cardstock (we used purple, green, black, blue, and white)
Ribbon or Twine


After downloading the template, use the instructions at the top of each page as a guide to print your template onto the colored cardstock papers.


After everything is printed, carefully cut out all the pieces.



Next, begin assembling and gluing together your ornament. Start with the large white circle and glue the purple half circle to the top and the black piece to the bottom, as shown below. Line up and glue on the purple strips ans the green chest plate. Next, put the blue logo piece in place.



If you’re adding the Mickey Mouse ears, glue them to the top, back of your ornament.



As that’s drying, begin assembling the wings. Glue the white section to the top of the purple piece, followed by the green end pieces.  If you don’t want to use glue, you can use markers or crayons to color in the extra details.




When your wings are complete, glue them to the back of your ornament as shown.



Finally, you’ll want to grab a small piece of ribbon or twine and create a loop out of it. Glue your loop to the back of your ornament for hanging.


Buzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament Free Printable Craft


After your ornament has fully dried, it’s ready to hang on the Christmas tree! These make great gift tags for bags and presents too.


Buzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament Printable


To recreate this Buzz Toy Story Christmas Ornament, click the button below to grab the free template.


And don’t forget to grab the rest of the Toy Story characters in this series! Click the photo below to get the free printable templates.

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