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Christmas Coloring Countdown Advent Calendar

We are always looking for new and fun ways to countdown the days until Christmas. Of course, activities that are cheap or, even better, free are the best!  So why not complete a Christmas Coloring Countdown Advent Calendar this year?! 


Christmas Coloring Countdown Advent Calendar


Starting on the first of December, color one square a day, counting down to Christmas Eve!  You’ll begin with square number 24 on December 1st, then move to square number 23 on the 2nd of December, and so on.  Each square is unique, with their own adorable Christmas themes.  


This printable comes in a few different versions.  For the first one, spend the month slowly coloring in a Christmas globe, ornaments, Christmas tree, snowman, elf feet, Christmas train and even Santa and his reindeer.



We can’t wait to color these in this year, but if you’ve got a kid who prefers their own drawings over coloring (like my youngest), this version is for them.


Let them create their own Christmas scenes while counting down the days to Christmas with this blank version of our Advent Calendar.  Watch their creativity run wild with the Christmas Drawing Countdown.



The third version is for those who just love to get creative with colors.  Color in one square at a time, each day. You can use one or multiple colors in each square. The point is to just have fun with it!



And the last version is this completely blank one.  The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to hear what you do with it!


Ready to grab these printable Christmas Coloring Countdown Advent Calendars for yourself or your kids? Click the button below!


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