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Christmas Coupons and Coloring Pages

How about we some free printable Christmas Coupons and Coloring Pages next?!  A day of Endless Kisses & Hugs, Baking Day, Build a Snowman, Drive around to see Christmas Lights, an Extra Bedtime Book and more! There’s even a color and cut, build-a- Santa page to complete!


But first, if you’re looking for the Truth or Dare Christmas Cootie Catcher, grab it HERE.


Christmas Coupons and Coloring Pages


I’ve been seeing a lot of questions and answers on social media recently, asking about stocking stuffers.  Do you fill your stocking full or only add a couple of items? Do you put in expensive items or keep it only to the necessities, such as socks and underwear?  Everyone has their own opinion on this and it sounds like each family has their own stocking stuffer traditions.  


For me, I hate filling stockings.  Stocking stuffers are typically the last items bought on my Christmas shopping list.  I just never know what to put in them and I hate the idea of just filling them with lots of candy that the kids definitely don’t need.  And as the kids get older, it gets even harder.  Yes, we still do stockings for the teens in our house – it’s tradition!  


So while I still haven’t started purchasing stocking stuffers yet, I imagine there will at least be some cologne, body wash, maybe even a gift card or two in there. However, if you have some great ideas – especially for teenage boys – I’d love to hear them!


I was surprised to hear that a lot of people put Christmas Coupons in their kids stockings.  While I’ve never heard of this before, I think it’s a great idea!  Use a coupon to extend bedtime back by 30 minutes, for an extra piece of dessert, and extra bedtime book, or anything else you can think of that your kids will love. 


We have some Christmas Coupons to share, but you’ll probably want to use these BEFORE Christmas morning. Some of them, such as going for a drive to check out Christmas lights, are put to better use before the holiday is over.  And as an extra bonus, we’ve got some adorable coloring pages to go along with them! 


Christmas Coupons


This printable set comes with two pages of printable coupons.  You can use regular printer paper to print out your coupons, but we used white cardstock or heavy weighted paper


After printing out your coupon pages, cut them out horizontally (as shown below).


Once all your coupons are cut out, fold them in half as shown.  If necessary or wanted, you can trim them a little too.



If you want, you can add a little glue or double sided tape to secure your fold but it’s not necessary.


This printable set also comes with two coloring pages and a color, cut, and assemble Santa!



Grab all 5 pages of this printable set by clicking the button below:





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