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Christmas Snack Character Printables – Reindeer, Elf, and Snowman

We recently shared some fun Thanksgiving themed snack crackers and y’all loved them so much that we had several requests for a Christmas themed version.  So we gathered up three different ones for you all to choose from!  Grab your snacks and these Christmas Snack Character Printables to hand out to friends, classmates, and neighbors.


Christmas Snack Character Printables


Aren’t they the cutest?  I just love how they turned out and I know the kiddos will love them just as much.  These make great Holiday party snacks, treats for classmates, gifts for the neighbor kids, or add them to school lunch boxes for an extra touch of fun!


Just as with the Turkey Snack Crackers, these are extremely easy to put together.  



We used juice boxes for the elves, pudding cups for the snowmen, and granola bars for the reindeer.  However, you can get creative with them or use whatever you have on hand. 


We chose juice boxes for the elves because they’re green and matched perfectly with our elf attire.  After determining how many snacks you need and gathering them up, cut out enough pages of your chosen template to create each of your snack characters.  One page equals one character, so you’ll need to print out 15 copies if you’re making 15 snacks, and so on. 



After printing out your characters, carefully cut out each piece.



Using a small amount of craft glue, glue dots, or double sided tape, begin gluing your character parts in place.



Depending on what snacks you choose or how you decide to place your character pieces, it may be necessary to fold and crease some of your character parts.  Take notice of the snowman’s arms in the photo above as an example. 


After assembling your characters, allow them to dry if using glue. 



Ready to recreate these snack packs for your kids?  Click the button below to grab the free reindeer, snowman, and elf printable.

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