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Construction Dump Truck Craft

If you’re kids love big trucks, they’re going to love this Construction Dump Truck Craft! It comes together easily with the free printable and a few basic supplies. Add your kids picture to the window to personalize it!

Construction Dump Truck Craft

The finished truck looks great by itself or you can recreate this “muddy” background and even add a pile of mud to the back of your dump truck, as shown.


First, gather up your supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper
Watercolor Paper
Brown Watercolor Paints
Old Paintbrush
Printable template (at the end of this post)

If you want to add the “muddy” background, start by creating that first. Take a piece of watercolor paper and coat it with brown watercolor paint. Don’t thin the paint down too much. While it’s still wet, smear on darker shades of brown. Set your background aside and allow it to dry completely.

When your background is dry, pick your watercolor paints back up and dilute a very dark brown shade. Using your old toothbrush, flick the very dark brown paint all over the paper.  Again, set your background aside and allow it to dry completely.

Create a second piece of “muddy” paper to use for the scoops of dirt in the back of the truck.

Construction Dump Truck Craft Free Printable

To create the dump truck, you’ll want to start by printing out each page of the template using the color of construction paper listed at the top of each page. After printing everything out, carefully cut out all of your dump truck pieces.


Starting with the wheels and the “cab” of your dump, assemble and glue together the pieces as shown above.

Glue the orange strips of paper to the back of the dump truck, then glue the cab in place.

Carefully cut the excess of the orange strips off the truck, then add the top piece as shown. Use a Sharpie to outline and add depth to the top strip.

Take the long grey strip and glue it to long, flat edge of the black piece before gluing the two pieces behind your truck, as shown.

Next, glue the tires in place.

Grab your oil pastels and use them to add lots of detail to your truck. Put the oil pastel on thick.

Use your fingertips to smudge and blend the oil pastels.  Then, if you’re planning an adding a scoop of dirt to your truck, grab the extra “muddy” paper you created earlier and cut out a piece to glue onto your truck.

Finally, glue the construction truck to the muddy background you created and your construction craft is complete!

Construction Dump Truck Craft Free Printable

Click the button below to grab the free printable template for this craft!

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