Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Looking for something to do with all of those empty toilet paper rolls? How about making this Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft. This craft goes along perfectly with the Summer Sea Series we shared earlier, so be sure to check those out too!

Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft

My daughter is currently obsessed with crabs. Of course, her obsessions change often, but we’re enjoying this crab obsession while it lasts.


I absolutely love that she gets so obsessed with some of the funnest things, such as frogs and bugs and snakes.  It’s definitely obvious that she’s been raised around older brothers! Currently, we’ve been learning a LOT about crabs. Did you know there are over 4,500 different species of crabs?


From small crabs to giant ones, we’ve been discovering lots of interesting facts about all of them. Currently, her favorite is the Chesapeake Blue Crab.

Chesapeake blue crab or the Atlantic blue crab –


So of course, while learning all about crabs we had to throw in a couple of crab crafts, as well!



To recreate this crab for yourself,  gather up a few simple supplies:

Clean toilet paper roll or cardboard tube



1 black chenille stem

Printable Crab templates (found at the end of this post)

Red paper

White paper

Black paper


Clear tape


After printing out the template, carefully cut out each piece. Using red paper, trace and cut out the long rectangle piece, the two claws, and the set of larger circles.



Trace and cut the medium circles out of white paper and the small circles out of black paper.


After gathering up all of your supplies, carefully cut the toilet paper tube in half, through the middle, as shown below.



Take the red rectangle and glue it around the outside of your toilet paper roll.  Then cut the chenille stem in half then bend one half in the middle, as shown.



Glue the eyes together by stacking the circles, starting with the red one on the bottom, then the white, followed by the black circle. Repeat with the second set of circles.



Attach one eye to each end of the chenille stem using glue or tape.



Then attach the chenille stem to the crab, inside the tube, using clear tape.



Then attach the claws to the side of the tube by bending each end slightly and attaching them with glue.



Finally, allow your crab craft to dry!



After he’s had some time to dry, he’s ready to be put on display or to play with.  Ready to get started? Click the button below for the free printable template!


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