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DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft

I’m so excited to share this fun Halloween craft with you all! We had so much fun creating these adorable bat treat bags and can’t wait until Halloween when we will fill them with goodies to pass out to neighbors and friends.  Grab the free printables and a few basic supplies to recreate this DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft just in time for Halloween!


DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft

DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft Free Printable Halloween


Aren’t these little bat characters the cutest? Fill them with stickers, small candies or toys, a secret note, or anything else you can think of. Make one to keep or make several of them to pass out to friends!


DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft Halloween Kids Craft Free


To recreate these bat treat bags, you’ll need to grab the free printable template which can be found at the end of this post.  Print it out onto regular printer paper.  You’ll also need:



  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors


Pick out colored craft paper in black, brown, white and pink for the bat treat bag craft.  Or get creative with it and use any colored craft papers you want to create a pink bat, a red bat, or even a rainbow colored bat!

I’m using a piece of paper that is 6 inches X 9 inches (you can keep this ratio) to create my bag.



Fold your paper in half, lengthwise, leaving a cm of extra paper at the top. This extra cm will be used to glue your bag closed.  Fold down the 1 cm part over the top of the other end and glue them together, as shown in the image below.



Next, fold up 2 inches of the paper from one of the open ends.



Open the folded part from the bottom middle and flatten the sides as neatly as possible, as shown below. This will form 2 triangles on both sides.



Fold the top open end of the flap halfway towards the inside.



Similarly, fold the bottom of the flap towards the inside and overlap it with the previous part.  Apply glue on the folded parts to close it all up (this is the bottom side of the paper bag). 



Match the 2 opposite corners of the squares on both sides (of the bottom side) and create a crease on the bag on both sides, as shown in the photo.



Open the last folds and flatten the bag neatly. Use scissors to cut a curved border along the top side of the paper bag.




Cut out all of your template pieces. Then trace and cut out the bat wings, ears, fangs and eyes from your colored papers.  



Use glue to attach the wing patterns on both sides of the paper bag.



Attach the rest of the cutouts (ears, eyes and fangs) on the paper bag, using glue, to complete the bat paper bag craft.



Finally, allow everything to dry.


DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft Printable Kids Halloween


Once dry, your treat bag is ready to be filled and gifted or put up on display!


DIY Bat Treat Bag Craft Printable Halloween Gift


Ready to recreate your own set of these adorable DIY Bat Treat Bags?  Click the button below to grab the free printable template.


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