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DIY Christmas Felt Gnome Craft

How about doing a little needle craft while trying to stay warm this winter? This DIY Christmas Felt Gnome Craft is the perfect indoor activity to enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa while watching your favorite Christmas movie. The printable template makes this a super easy and fun craft!

DIY Christmas Felt Gnome CraftDIY Christmas Felt Gnome Craft Printable Template


For this felt needle craft, you’ll need to gather up a few simple supplies:

  1. Felt fabric
  2. Needle
  3. Thread
  4. Pencil or fabric marking pen
  5. Scissors
  6. Printable Template (at the end of this post)


After downloading and printing out the template found below, carefully cut out each of the pieces. Select the felt fabrics you want to use for your gnome and trace the patterns onto the selected felts with a pencil or fabric marker. Using scissors, carefully cut out all of your traced pattern pieces. There will be 2 patterns for the body, 2 for the hat, 1 nose, 1 beard, 2 leaves and a cherry pattern to trace and cut out.


Grab one of the body pieces, the nose and the beard. Place the body pattern on a flat surface, placing the beard somewhat on the middle part of the body and then placing the nose on the top side of the beard by overlapping half of the nose with the beard’s top end as shown.


Thread your needle with the thread (we matched the thread color to the nose) and carefully stitch the overlapped part of the nose and beard; making sure to stitch the body part with them.


Grab the second body pattern and place it under the one you just stitched. Make sure that both body patterns are matched nicely on all sides. Using your same thread or one that coordinates with the body, stitch the body patterns around the sides and bottom, avoiding the top for now.


You’ll need to leave a small opening in the top for stuffing.  If you want, you can use cotton for the stuffing or simply use scrap felt for the stuffing, like we did. Just cut the scrap felt into tiny pieces and carefully stuff it inside your gnome’s body.


Keep stuffing in the felt or cotton until you are satisfied with the body shape of your gnome. Then grab the hat cutouts and stitch them around the sides but keeping the bottom, straight end open. Stuff the hat through the bottom opening with your felt pieces or cotton.


Stitch the opening of the gnome body closed to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot and draw the needle through the gnome plush randomly and again drawing the needle out. Cut off extra thread.


Grab the hat and place the 2 leaf patterns on the hat, as shown.


Place the felt cherry pattern on the leaves and stitch them all together.


Place and push the head side of the felt gnome inside the felt hat through its open end until the hat reaches the nose of the gnome. Now stitch to join the felt hat with the felt gnome. Tie a knot and cut off extra thread once you’re done stitching.


And that’s it! Your DIY Christmas Felt Gnome Craft is complete!

DIY Christmas Felt Gnome Kids Craft


If you want, you can glue loops of ribbon or twine to the back of these gnomes to create Christmas tree ornaments or to decorate Christmas gifts with. Add them to your own decor or make extras to hand out to friends.


DIY Christmas Felt Gnome Craft


Click the button below to grab the free, printable template to recreate your own set of felt gnomes.

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