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DIY Slime Valentine’s for Kids

Are you on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day gift that breaks away from the cliché and truly captures the essence of fun and creativity? Look no further than the enchanting world of DIY Slime Valentine’s for kids! This year, let’s swap out the traditional flowers and chocolates for something that will spark joy and imagination in the hearts of the little ones. Introducing a project that’s not only enjoyable for kids to create but also a blast to give away: the ultimate DIY Slime Valentine’s!

DIY Slime Valentine’s for Kids

DIY Slime Valentine's for kids! Free Printable. Will you be my Valen-Slime?


DIY Slime Valentine’s for Kids

Dive into the gooey, mesmerizing universe of slime-making—a delightful adventure awaits! If you’ve yet to embark on this creative journey, the time is now. Crafting your own slime is not only straightforward but an absolute riot. With a myriad of DIY Slime kits and tried-and-true recipes readily available (like the ones featured on the Elmer’s Glue website), the possibilities are endless.

During a recent slime-making escapade, my son was struck by a stroke of genius. As we swirled together a galaxy of colors, he proposed a brilliant idea: why not spread the love and joy of slime to his entire class this Valentine’s Day? Thus, the concept of Valen-Slime was born, complete with an adorable “Valen-Slime Frog” printable that adds a personal touch to each gooey gift.




Why Slime is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Slime isn’t just a playful goo; it’s a gift that keeps on giving, offering a unique twist on Valentine’s Day surprises. What makes slime an excellent choice for this day of love?

  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd by gifting something as unique and dynamic as slime. It’s a fun, interactive present that promises to be a memorable highlight.
  • Endless Fun: Unlike traditional gifts that may fade or wilt, slime offers endless hours of enjoyment, creativity, and play. It’s a gift that friends can squish, stretch, and mold to their heart’s content, day after day.
  • Educational: Slime is not just fun but educational, offering a hands-on lesson in science and chemistry. It’s a fantastic way for kids to engage with learning outside the classroom, all while having a blast.
  • Customizable: With a plethora of slime types and textures to choose from, you can tailor your slime gifts to match the personality of each recipient. From fluffy to clear, scented to sparkling, you can craft the perfect slime to show your love and appreciation.
  • Affordability: Crafting slime is easy on the wallet, making it a fantastic option for those looking to give a thoughtful, heartfelt gift without breaking the bank. Plus, its affordability means you can spread the joy to more than just one friend!

DIY Slime Valentine’s offers a fresh, imaginative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, providing a perfect blend of fun, education, and creativity. It’s a heartfelt gesture that demonstrates thoughtfulness and care, ensuring your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. So, why not make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with the gift of slime?


Make DIY Slime Valentine’s for Kids

To recreate these slime valentines, you’ll need:

  • Slime (either premade or a DIY kit)
  • Storage Containers
  • Free Printable Stickers
  • Sticker Paper (regular printer paper or white cardstock combined with glue or tape works too)
  • Scissors 


I was able to find these nifty little slime storage containers on Amazon, but the printables will fit any container that’s approximately 2 inches in diameter or larger.




We wanted to add some extra texture to our slime so we later added in some foam beads made specifically for slime. We bought ours off of Amazon, but our local Dollar Store currently sells foam beads as well. 




Start by filling each container with slime.  If you’re making the slime yourself, it’s easier to make one large batch and then divide it up among your containers. 


After all of your slime containers are filled, print out the Valen-Slime stickers from the link found at the end of this post.  There is a green version and a pink version.  Each printable holds 12 stickers, so print out as many pages as you’ll need to cover your containers.


Sticker paper is probably the easiest way to recreate these, but we used white cardstock for ours. If you use cardstock, attach the frogs to the containers using double-sided tape, glue dots or even glue sticks. I used glue dots on ours. 


After printing out your slime stickers, carefully cut out each one and attach to the lids of your containers.  




And that’s it!  Aren’t they just adorable?! 


Ready to grab these printable stickers for your own Valentines?  Click the links below to grab the pink version, green version, or both! Enjoy!


PINK Valen-Slime Frogs

GREEN Valen-Slime Frogs


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K Lujan

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

Thanks for the cute printables! My daughter and I had a great time making little valen-slimes for her whole class.


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

My son is going to love these. Thank you for sharing! I just printed up a couple sets of each one.


Wednesday 17th of January 2018

You're welcome, Jess! My son had a lot of fun putting these together and I hope your son does as well. =)

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