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DIY Thanksgiving Banner

Get creative this year and make your own Holiday-themed bunting! This DIY Thanksgiving Banner is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving or Fall themed decor. Plus it comes with 8 different designs to color and customize, as well as a blank copy to create your own bunting!


DIY Thanksgiving Banner

DIY Thanksgiving Banner Printable Fall Activity


Year after year, we pull out this printable Thanksgiving Bunting.  It gives the kids something to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served or while anxiously awaiting the big day.  And every year the designs they choose are unique from previous years.  They have a lot of fun putting new and unique twists on their banners.  


Grab these free printables and mix and match designs, being as traditional or creative as you like in your color choices, to create several different banners to display around your home!



Use your favorite colored pencils, markers, watercolor paints, etc to customize your banner.  I suggest printing out each page on cardstock or heavy weight paper which you can find at office supply stores, Walmart, or Amazon.



The blank template can be used to create your own Thanksgiving or Fall theme, but you can also use it year round for any holiday or occasion. The options really are endless with this DIY Thanksgiving Banner!


After coloring everything in, carefully cut out each banner piece. Fold the top horizontal piece back. You can use whatever you have on hand to thread your banner with – yarn, string, ribbon, etc. I use jute twine for a lot of my projects because it’s cheap and fits in well with “farmhouse” decor.  Use glue or tape to secure the top fold to the back of your banner piece. ‘



This would be a great classroom activity! Let each student pick out their favorite banner piece to color. Then string them all together to make banners to decorate the classroom for Thanksgiving and Fall.


Click the button below to grab the printables for this DIY Thanksgiving Banner:

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