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Earth Day Hand Craft Using Black Glue

Celebrate our Earth with this Earth Day Hand Craft! A few simple supplies and the free printable templates make this a super easy, but adorable craft project.

Earth Day Hand Craft with Black Glue

Earth Day Hand Craft made with black glue and Free Printables

Isn’t this the perfect Earth Day craft? Of course, it would be a fun project to create any time of the year, as well. Gather a few simple supplies and recreate this cute craft with your kids!

You will Need: 
Paint Brush
Black Paint


First, you’ll need to create the black glue by squirting a good amount of black paint into the glue bottle. A half empty bottle of glue works great for this craft. If you’re using a new bottle, you may need to empty some of the glue out to make room for the paint.


Put the lid back on the glue and shake well. You want your glue to be a dark, cloudy gray color. If the glue is not mixing, you can mix everything together in a cup and use a funnel to pour the black glue back into the bottle.


After you’ve got your glue mixed up, print out the Earth and hand template found at the bottom of the page. Trace the outline of the Earth with black glue. Allow the glue to dry completely. I put ours in the sun for about an hour or you can let it dry overnight.


Cut out the Earth and use watercolors to paint it blue and green.


The black glue will keep the colors from bleeding into each other.  Allow your paint to dry completely.


While your Earth is drying, cut out a small red heart from cardstock. Then cut the hand template out and trace onto cardstock. Cut out your cardstock hands.  Alternatively, you can also trace your child’s hand for a more personal touch!


After everything is dry, glue the Earth onto the hands and the heart onto the Earth. And your Earth Day craft is finished!




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