Easter Bunny Cardboard Craft

With the kiddos stuck at home, now is the perfect time to break out those art supplies and get creative! And of course, with Easter just around the corner it’s also the perfect time to create this adorable Easter Bunny Cardboard Craft.

Easter Bunny Cardboard Craft

Easter Bunny Cardboard Craft Free Printable Template for Spring

Aren’t they just adorable?! Use the accessories to make your bunny a boy, a girl, or make one of each! To get started you’ll need a few basic supplies.

Cardboard of various textures, Sandpaper, Glue, Scissors, Oil Pastels, and the Free Printable Template found at the end of this post.

After downloading your bunny template, print it out and trace your pieces out onto various textures of cardboard, as shown. After tracing everything, carefully cut out all of your pieces.

After cutting everything out, grab your oil pastels and begin to color the various bunny pieces, using your fingertips to blend the pastels. Then begin gluing your bunny pieces together by gluing the belly piece to the large body section.  Then glue the circles to the feet pieces to create the bottom paws, as shown below.

After piecing together the paws, glue both the front and back paws in place. Then add the nose. Next, layer the ear pieces together as shown above and glue them to the top, center back of the head.


Finally, create some eye pieces out of leftover cardboard or use a sharpie to draw them on. Copy the eye shape of our bunny below or get creative with it.


Then decide if you want to add a bow or flower accessory to your bunny. Color and glue it into place.

Allow everything to dry and your Easter Bunny is complete!

Easter Bunny Cardboard Craft Printable Template

After drying, your Bunny is ready to be put on display! Get creative with this project, experimenting with different combinations of cardboard textures and colors.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to grab the free printable bunny template.




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