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Elf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft

And of course, we had to make an Elf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft to go along with the boy elf we shared earlier! So if you’re kids prefer to have a girl elf or want a few of both, grab the free printable template and recreate this fun and simple Christmas craft.

Elf Girl Christmas Accordion CraftElf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft


The printable template can be found at the end of this post and you’ll just need a few other simple supplies.



Cardstock or Construction Paper
Pink Crayon
Black Marker


After downloading the printable template, follow the instructions at the top of each page to print it out. Then carefully cut out all of your pieces.



After everything is cut out, begin assembling your elf together. Start by gluing together the hat, adding the smaller trim piece to the bottom and a bell to the tip.


Attach the larger trim piece and the head to the large “body” section. Glue on the hair and top with the hat. Finally, glue on the larger trim piece to create the collar and finish off with the remaining bells.



Allow everything to dry, then grab your markers or crayons and add a face to your elf.



Next, you’ll need to cut four 2 inch wide strips of paper. Fold each strip back and forth to create an accordion fold.



After folding each section, glue them to the back of your character to create two arms and two legs.


Elf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft Free Printable



Allow your elf to dry and it’s complete! Mix it up by using different colors or color her in with crayons or colored pencils.


Elf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft Easy Kids Craft


Click the button below to grab the free printable template and create your very own Elf Girl Christmas Accordion Craft!

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