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Father’s Day Survey for Dad

There’s only a few more days left until Father’s Day and it’s not too late to put together a meaningful gift for Dad. We recently received a reader request for a last-minute Father’s Day Survey for Dad, so we wanted to share this with all of you!


Father’s Day Survey for Dad

Father's Day Survey for Dad Free Printable


A friend of mine does the same survey with her kids, year after year, and puts them together in a little book for their Dad to have as a little keepsake. It’s a great way to see how they grow each year in their answers and it’s fun for Dad to look back on from time to time.


Father's Day


Does anyone else think Dad’s get the raw end of this whole Father’s Day ordeal? Or is it just me? Of course, I imagine situations are different everywhere. But here, school is “typically” still in session during Mother’s Day.  And yes, I purposely added quotation marks to the word typically. We all know nothing about 2020 has been typical! 


But again, typically Mother’s Day is celebrated before summer vacation which means all those amazing teachers, especially in the younger grades, help students put together cute, handmade gifts for Mom.  With 4 kids (a couple of which are now teenagers), I believe there was only one year where one of my kids brought home a Father’s Day gift from school. 

I was extremely grateful to that teacher too! On the last day of school, while all the kids are emptying out their desks and cubbies, bringing everything home for summer, one of my kiddos came home with a wrapped package that said “Do not open until Father’s Day.”  I don’t know when they created the gift, if it was right along with the Mother’s Day one or during that last week of school, but it was so sweet that the teacher had put in the effort to help the kids create a cute, handmade gift for Dad.


More often than not, Father’s Day gifts are solely on me to figure out, organize, and help the kids out with. And some years are definitely better than others depending on how much time we have and what is going on that summer. 


But for those of you who are still looking for a last-minute gift, this printable Father’s Day Survey is perfect. 


Father’s Day Printable Survey


Father's Day Survey for Dad Gift for Dad



This survey comes with seven different sections for the kiddos to fill out:

“My favorite thing about my dad is…”  

“My Dad makes me laugh when…”

“My Dad thinks I’m silly when…”

“My Dad has taught me…”

“My Dad loves me because…”

“My Dad’s favorite thing is…”

“My Dad is the best because…”


If your kiddo is old enough, hand them a pencil or pen and let them fill out this Father’s Day survey on their own. For younger kids, ask them to answer each one and then write in their answers for them.  It’s so fun to hear the answers to these questions and what they believe makes Daddy happy.


Father's Day Survey for Dad


The file for this free printable Father’s Day gift can be found at the end of this post. You can keep it simple by printing it out on regular printer paper. Then simply fill it out and gift it as is.  


Father's Day Survey for Dad


Or if you want, you can print your survey out using a heavy weight paper, fill it out, and decorate the edges to add a DIY border or background image. 


You could even choose to print it out and add a nice frame for Dad to display in his office!


Alternatively, if you have a stylus you can create a digital version of this file to send to Dad. 



Father's Day Survey for Dad Free Printable


Whatever you choose to do with this free printable, I’m sure Dad will absolutely love it and treasure it for years to come!


Ready to grab your own printable Father’s Day survey for the kiddos? Click the link below to grab the PDF and print as many copies as you need!


Printables 4 Mom