Father’s Day Whale Card Craft

How’s everyone holding up? We FINALLY finished distance education, so we can finally start focusing on other projects, like Father’s Day gifts! This Father’s Day Whale Card Craft is so cute, easy to make, and Dad is sure to love it!


Father’s Day Whale Card Craft

Father's Day Whale Card Craft


I don’t know about you guys, but distance ed was brutal for us! I can’t even imagine how hard it was on the teachers. And some teachers changed their expectations from week to week. I think they were simply trying to figure out what would work and what didn’t. 


But we pushed through and all of the kids did great. I’m so proud of them! And thankfully, we are DONE with school. Well, sort of. I do have a couple of kids taking summer courses to get a head start on next year. But it should be a bit easier for everyone – especially Mom.  Helping five kids through distance ed was EXHAUSTING! 


I’m just praying that everyone will be able to go back to school (in an actual classroom setting) next Fall. Until then, we are going to enjoy the summer vacation as much as we can!


If you’ve been following this page for a while, you know we’re currently really into sea critters.  We recently shared a set of four cute sea crafts and a toilet paper crab craft (because what else are you going to do with all of those extra toilet paper rolls!).


So of course we had to continue the sea critter theme into Father’s Day! 


Father's Day Whale Card Craft Kids craft


These Father’s Day cards are super easy to put together, thanks to the free printable templates found at the end of this post, and they look great when completed.  Plus, they’re completely customizable! Change up the colors, get creative with it, and add your own personal message to your card.


And while we created these cards for Father’s Day, you can use the printable template to create your own whale card for a variety of events and activities. Whether it be thank you cards, get better soon, Mother’s Day, birthdays, teacher appreciation, or just because!


Since you can use these cards for a variety of occasions, it’s a good idea to make extras to have on hand.  Just gather up a few simple supplies to recreate these adorable cards.



To get started, you’ll need:

    1. Colored craft papers
    2. Craft glue
    3. Sharpie or marker pen
    4. Pencil
    5. Scissors
    6. Printable template (found below)


After gathering up all of your supplies, print out your template on regular printer paper. Carefully cut out your template pieces.


Chose your whale and card colors, pulling out the colored papers you want to use.  Trace the template patterns on the selected papers and carefully cut out each piece. Fold the card piece in half.



Grab the water splash pattern and glue it to the top back of your whale’s head, as shown below.



Next, attach the semi-circular patter to the bottom of the whale, creating his stomach. Align the straight sides together as shown below.



Now you can glue your paper whale onto your prepared card.  Allow it to dry while you grab a black sharpie or marker.  Using your marker, add a mouth and eyes to your whale.  You can copy the facial pattern we drew or get creative and draw your own face design on your whale.  Have fun with it!



When your face is done, add the quote “I Whaley Love You,” “You’re Whaley a Great Dad,” or any other fun whale puns or quotes you can think of. 


For example, if you’re using this card to give to a sick friend you could write “I Whaley hope you feel better soon.”  For a teacher appreciation gift you could write “I Whaley loved having you as a teacher.” And so on. 


DIY Father's Day craft and gift


If you want, you can also use colored markers, crayons, or colored pencils to add in the whale’s scene.  You can add blue waves, like we did, or anything else you can think of.



Father's Day Whale Card Craft Free Printable Gift


When you’re done with the front of the card, open it up and add in your own personal message, your favorite Father’s Day themed quote, or draw a picture for Dad. 


And, again, be sure to make extras! Hand them out to Grandpas or uncles for Father’s Day or keep blank ones on hand for the next time you need a card and don’t want to run to the store. 


Father's Day Whale Card Craft


Ready to recreate your own Whale Father’s Day Card Craft? Click the button below to print out the free template.

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  1. Beverly Tucker

    I requested a copy of the free printable Father’s Day Card and received the Frog Hop Maze.

    1. Good Morning, Beverly!

      Were you able to get the printable Father’s Day card? There’s a pink and black button that says “click here” at the end of the post and that will bring up the free whale template.

      Let me know if you have any problems and have a great day!


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