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Find the Lucky Shamrock Game

If you loved the Hide the Acorn Game we shared last year, you’re going to want to grab this St. Patrick’s Day one! This Find the Lucky Shamrock Game is a quick and easy, yet fun game for 2 players.

Find the Lucky Shamrock Game

Find the Lucky Shamrock Game Free Printable


To play this game, you’ll need two copies of the game page (found at the bottom of this post).  You’ll also need something to write with, such as a crayon, pencil, or marker.


After printing out both copies, each player takes one and secretly draws a shamrock somewhere in the bottom grid of their game page.



Your shamrock doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, a circle or an X works just as well, if a shamrock is too hard to draw for the younger kids. After marking one of the squares on the grid to hide the “shamrock,” fold the paper in half, along the dotted line, as shown below.



Once both players have their game pieces ready to go, take turns calling out squares. For example, “Is our shamrock in B-12?” For younger kids, they can ask questions such as, “Is your shamrock on the rainbow?” Adjust the questions based on how difficult or easy you want the game to be.  As you go along, asking questions, put a cross or an X through any squares that your opponent answers “no” to.


Continue taking turns, narrowing down your options until you’re able to find your opponents shamrock. The first one to find the shamrock wins!


Find the Lucky Shamrock Game Printable


Ready for a rematch? Grab a few more game pieces and you’re ready to go! Or, if you have more than two players, let the next player play the winner. Or see who can find both opponents shamrocks first!

This is a fun game to entertain kids of all ages. Ready to play? Click the button below to grab the free printable game piece.


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Monday 24th of August 2020

[…] And if you love this acorn game, be sure to grab the St. Patrick’s Day version! Find the Lucky Shamrock Printable […]

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