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Fluffy Ghost Craft for Kids

We seriously can NOT wait for Halloween!  The kids are already planning out their Halloween events, activities and costumes (which I’m sure will change several times until Halloween, probably even the night before).  And I’ve been spending my free time working up some fun Halloween crafts for the kiddos to do, such as this adorably spooky Fluffy Ghost Craft for kids. Gather up some cotton balls and a few other basic supplies to recreate this fun Halloween craft. 


Fluffy Ghost Activity For Kids


Isn’t he just adorable?!  Create several of them to add to your Halloween decor.  You can even use a hole punch at the top to create a unique Halloween banner.


Supplies needed:


Pair of Scissors
Black Poster Paint
Ghost template
Printable Template (found below)




Print the Ghost template found at the end of this post.   I recommend printing it out onto white cardstock or heavy weight paper


After printing out your template, grab a pair of scissors and cut out your ghost.  You may want to cut it outside of the ghost outline, creating a boarder around the ghost as shown below.  This will make your ghost easier to work with as you add the cotton.



Next, grab your glue and begin applying glue to your template, working in small sections and starting on the left hand side first (unless you’re left-handed, in which you’ll want to start on the right side first). 



As you apply the glue in small sections, add cotton balls to the glue on your template.  If you want, you can use a clothespin here to help keep your hands clean. Continue applying the glue to the ghost template and putting the cotton on afterwards until the white part of your ghost is covered in cotton.



Finally, you’ll want to grab the black poster paint.  If needed, add water to it to make a thinner consistency.  Using a clothespin, dip the cotton balls into the black paint.  These black cotton balls will be used to create the eyes of the ghost.



Apply glue to the eyes and mouth of the ghost.  Then grab your newly black cotton balls and paste them to the eyes and mouth of your ghost to finish it.



Allow everything to dry and then your ghost is ready to be displayed!  


Ready to get started on this Fluffy Ghost Craft for Kids? Click the button below to grab the free printable template.

Printables 4 Mom