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Fluffy Ghost Craft for Kids

We seriously cannot contain our excitement for Halloween this year! The kids have already started planning out their Halloween events, activities, and, of course, their costumes. I’m certain those costume ideas will go through several transformations before the big day arrives. In fact, they might even change their minds the night before Halloween, but that’s all part of the fun.

As for me, I’ve been putting my free time to good use by working on some exciting Halloween crafts for the little ones. It’s always a blast watching them get creative and crafty during this spooky season. One of the crafts I’ve been working on is the adorably spooky Fluffy Ghost Craft for kids. It’s a perfect way to add some Halloween charm to your decor. You can even use these cute ghosts to create a unique Halloween banner. So, let’s dive into this creative project.


Fluffy Ghost Activity For Kids


Isn’t he just adorable?!  Create several of them to add to your Halloween decor.  You can even use a hole punch at the top to create a unique Halloween banner.


Supplies needed:


  1. Pair of Scissors
  2. Glue
  3. Black Poster Paint
  4. Ghost template (found at the end of this post)
  5. Cotton
  6. Clothespin
  7. Printable Template (you can find it below)




Start by printing the Ghost template at the end of this post. I recommend printing it on white cardstock or heavy weight paper to make it more sturdy for crafting. 


Once you’ve printed your template, use a pair of scissors to carefully cut out your ghost shape. Cut it outside of the ghost outline, creating a border around the ghost, as shown below. This extra border will make it easier to work with when adding the cotton.



Now, it’s time to get your glue ready. Apply glue to your template in small sections, beginning on the left-hand side. If you’re left-handed, start on the right side. This step helps ensure that the glue doesn’t dry out before you’ve added the cotton.



As you apply glue in small sections, add cotton balls to the glued areas on your template. To keep your hands clean, you can use a clothespin to hold the cotton balls. Continue applying glue to the ghost template and attaching cotton until the white part of your ghost is entirely covered in cotton.



Finally, grab your black poster paint. If it’s too thick, you can add a little water to thin it out. Use a clothespin to dip the cotton balls into the black paint. These black cotton balls will serve as the ghost’s eyes.



Apply glue to the eyes and mouth of the ghost template. Then, take your black cotton balls and attach them to create the eyes and mouth of your ghost.



Allow everything to dry completely, and your fluffy ghost is ready to be proudly displayed in your Halloween decor!

Now that you’ve mastered this craft, you can create several of these adorable fluffy ghosts to add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decorations. You can even use a hole punch at the top of each ghost to thread them onto a string and create your very own unique Halloween banner.

Are you ready to get started on this Fluffy Ghost Craft for Kids? Click the button below to grab the free printable template and let your Halloween creativity run wild!

Additional Fun Ideas for Halloween:

If you’re looking to make Halloween even more exciting for the little ones, here are some additional ideas to consider:

  1. Pumpkin Carving: Carve pumpkins together as a family. Let the kids come up with their own pumpkin designs and assist with the carving (under close supervision, of course).
  2. Costume Parade: Host a costume parade around the house or in your yard. Let the kids show off their costumes and strike their best spooky poses.
  3. Halloween Movie Night: Set up a spooky movie night with age-appropriate Halloween movies and some delicious popcorn.
  4. Halloween Baking: Bake Halloween-themed treats, like pumpkin-shaped cookies, spider cupcakes, or mummy hot dogs. Let the kids get involved in the kitchen.
  5. Scavenger Hunt: Create a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt with clues and hidden treats. This is a fantastic way to build excitement and anticipation for the big night.

By incorporating these ideas and crafting your own Fluffy Ghosts, you’ll make this Halloween season memorable and full of spooktacular fun for the whole family!



Ready to get started on this Fluffy Ghost Craft for Kids? Click the button below to grab the free printable template.

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