Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft

Continuing on with our Dr. Seuss series, here’s a Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft!  Just as with our Horton Hears a Who craft we shared recently, this is a great beginner bubble wrap craft as we work our way up to some of the bigger bubble wrap crafts. So gather up a few basic supplies and the free printable templates to create this adorable Fox in Socks character!


Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft

Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft Free Dr Seuss Craft

“Look, sir. Look, sir. Mr. Knox, sir.
Let’s do tricks with bricks and blocks, sir.
Let’s do tricks with chicks and clocks, sir.”
-Mr Fox

Fox in Socks is a fun beginner reading book and this Fox in Socks craft makes for a great activity before or after reading the book.  Just like with our Horton Hears a Who craft, this is a simple print and paste craft that’s easy enough for kids young and old. 


First, gather up a few basic supplies to get you started.


Cardstock Paper in white and orange, as well as one for the background
Bubble wrap (you’ll want the kind that has the smaller bubbles)
Craft paint (we used a dark blue for this one)
Paint brush
Markers (optional, for adding extra details where wanted)
Printable Template found at the end of this post (look for the “click here” button)



Begin by downloading the printable template – print the first page on orange cardstock and the other two pages on white cardstock.  


After printing everything, grab your bubble wrap and gently brush the craft paint onto the bubble side it.



Before the paint dries, carefully press the printed page with the gloved hand onto the painted bubble wrap.  This doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun with this part – it will give some texture and character to the glove piece of your Fox in Socks craft.


Allow your glove page to dry fully and cut out all of your template pieces.



Now that everything is cut out, it’s time to piece and glue everything in it’s right place.


Grab the colored cardstock that you chose for your background and begin positioning all of your pieces together, laying them out before gluing everything.  This will ensure that you have enough room to fit everything on your background piece. 

After positioning everything where you want it, begin gluing everything in place.  Use the photo below for as a guide, if needed.





After gluing everything in it’s intended place, set your fox aside and allow to dry. 



Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft Free Printable Template


And that’s it! Your Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft is complete and ready to be put on display!



Ready to recreate it? Click the button below to grab the free printable template!

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