Frankenstein Origami Printable

Oh my goodness! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done an origami project.  As a kid, I loved origami and when my boys were younger, we did a lot of origami projects together as well – making swans, turtles, hearts, frogs and more.  But today, my daughter and I made these adorable Origami Halloween Frankenstein Bags.  So much fun! We’re sharing the printable template, complete with instructions, so you all can make your own too.  So grab a few supplies and the free Frankenstein Origami Printable to recreate this project just in time for Halloween!


Frankenstein Origami Printable

Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag


Before you start, you’ll want to print out the instructions and template found at the end of this post.  Look for the “click here” button.  You’ll also want green colored cardstock or origami paper and maybe even a second color if you want to do the handle in something other than green.  We chose to use purple cardstock for the handle.  You’ll need glue and a black sharpie as well.




Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag



After gathering your supplies, take an 8″x8″ piece of green cardstock paper and fold it in half.


Open the paper back up and fold it in half again in the other direction.


Open the paper back up again, this time folding it in half diagonally.


Again, open it back up and fold it in half diagonally on the opposite end.  You’re folds should look like the ones in the photo below when you’re done.


Next, fold in the sides of your square as shown below, making a double base triangle.


Take one corner and fold it toward you, folding it down about 2 inches.


It should look like the photo below after you fold down the top corner.  Then fold the corner behind it to the back.


Repeat the last two steps on the opposite side.


If needed, rotate your origami so that the point is facing down, as shown below.


Now fold in tip of the corner to meet the folded edge, as shown. 


Fold the bottom point up.


And tuck the bottom into the open space as shown.


Repeat the last 3 steps on the opposite side.  Flip over and repeat.


Bring the left and right sides together on both sides, as shown in the photo below.


After folding the left and right sides together on both sides, the folds are now hidden and the clean sides are facing out.


Fold the bottom tip of your paper up.  Turn it over and set it aside.



Next, you’ll grab the construction or origami paper you’ve chosen for your handle.  Take a strip that is 5.5″ x 3/4″ and fold it in thirds lengthwise, as shown.


Fold the sides down to make a “U” shape.  Repeat on a second strip of paper, creating two handles.


Glue or tape both of your handles in place.


Finally, decorate your bag!  Glue the hair, screws and eyes in place and then use a sharpie to add in the final details.



To unfold your bag, start with the bottom point.



Using your fingers, push the bag open from the inside.


Adjust the sides and press on the creases as needed.


And that’s it! Your bag is complete and ready to be filled with goodies!

Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag



Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag


Ready to recreate your own Frankenstein Goodie Bag?  Click the button below for the Frankenstein Origami Printable and Instructions.


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