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Frankenstein Origami Printable

Oh my goodness! It feels like an eternity since I last indulged in the delightful art of origami. As a child, my heart would race with excitement every time I picked up a piece of paper to create intricate folds and shapes. Those were the days when I would fashion graceful swans, charming turtles, heartfelt hearts, frolicking frogs, and so much more. The joy of crafting these paper masterpieces was not just a solo venture; I shared the enchantment of origami with my boys when they were younger, and together, we embarked on countless origami adventures.

But today, a new generation of creativity was born in my household. My daughter and I joined forces to craft these utterly adorable Origami Halloween Frankenstein Bags. The experience was nothing short of a pure delight! As we navigated through each fold, our laughter and excitement filled the room. And now, we want to share the magic with all of you. That’s right, we’re providing you with a printable template, complete with detailed instructions, to ensure that you can create your very own Frankenstein Bags just in time for Halloween! So gather your supplies, find a comfortable workspace, and let’s embark on this whimsical journey together.


Frankenstein Origami Printable

Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag


Before you dive headfirst into this captivating origami project, you’ll need to acquire a few essential items. First, make sure to print out the instructions and template provided at the end of this post. To locate these resources, simply look for the “click here” button – it’s your portal to origami bliss. Additionally, you’ll require green-colored cardstock or origami paper for the main body of Frankenstein’s bag. If you’re feeling extra creative and want to add a unique touch, consider using a second color, perhaps purple, for the handle. Apart from paper, you’ll need glue to secure your folds, and a trusty black Sharpie to add those all-important final details that will bring your Frankenstein creation to life.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and prepared your workspace, we can begin our origami adventure.




Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag


The Folds

Start with an 8″x8″ piece of green cardstock paper and fold it in half, creating a crisp center crease.


Open the paper back up and fold it in half again in the opposite direction, ensuring that the fold is precise.


Now, open the paper back up once more, but this time, fold it in half diagonally, forming an X-shaped crease.


Repeat the diagonal fold in the opposite direction, ensuring that your folds are symmetrical and neat. Your paper should now bear the markings of these intricate folds, creating a beautifully precise pattern.


Moving on, fold in the sides of your square as shown below, creating a double base triangle structure that will be the foundation of your Frankenstein Bag.


Take one corner and fold it towards you, creating a fold of approximately 2 inches from the top.


Once you’ve folded down the top corner, fold the corner behind it to the back, as illustrated in the accompanying image.


Repeat the previous two steps on the opposite side, ensuring that your folds are consistent and symmetrical.


If necessary, rotate your origami so that the pointed end is facing downward, as demonstrated below.


Now, fold the tip of the corner to meet the folded edge, aligning the paper as shown.


Fold the bottom point up, creating a neat and precise fold.


Tuck the folded bottom into the open space, securing it as shown in the accompanying image.


Repeat the last three steps on the opposite side, ensuring that both sides are identical and balanced. Flip over your origami and repeat the entire process to create a symmetrical masterpiece.


Bring the left and right sides together on both sides, as demonstrated in the photo below, concealing the folds and allowing the clean sides to face outward.


This is what the back should look like. 


Fold the bottom tip of your paper up and turn your creation over, setting it aside for the time being.


Creating the Handle

It’s time to focus on the handle of your Frankenstein Bag. Pick up the construction or origami paper you’ve selected for this purpose.


Take a strip that measures 5.5″ x 3/4″ and fold it in thirds lengthwise, as shown in the accompanying image.


Fold the sides down to create a “U” shape, repeating this process with a second strip of paper to craft two handles.


Secure both of your handles in place using glue or tape, making sure they are firmly attached to your Frankenstein Bag.


Adding the Final Touches

With the main structure of your Frankenstein Bag complete, it’s time to get creative and decorate your creation.

Begin by gluing the hair, screws, and eyes in their designated spots. These elements are essential to bringing your Frankenstein to life, so place them with care and attention.

Use a Sharpie to add in the final details, such as the mouth and any other features you desire. This is your opportunity to infuse your Frankenstein with personality and character.



Unfolding Your Bag

To access the contents of your Frankenstein Bag, start by locating the bottom point.



Gently push the bag open from the inside using your fingers. This will reveal the spacious interior where you can store all sorts of goodies and treats.


As you unfold your bag, be sure to adjust the sides and press on the creases as needed, ensuring that it maintains its form.


And that’s it! Your Frankenstein Bag is now complete and ready to be filled with an assortment of Halloween treats and surprises. Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag



Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Frankenstein Origami Printable Free Halloween Goodie Bag


Now that you’ve experienced the joy of creating this Origami Halloween Frankenstein Bag, are you ready to embark on your own crafting journey? To help you get started, we’ve provided a convenient button below that will grant you access to the Frankenstein Origami Printable and Instructions. With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to bring your own Frankenstein creation to life and make this Halloween extra special.

Happy crafting, and may your Frankenstein Bags bring smiles and excitement to all who receive them.


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