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Free Trolls Birthday Party Invitation Printables

Are you planning a Troll-themed Birthday Party? Grab these free, Trolls Birthday party Invitation printables! You can get them customized for free. And if you are looking for any sort of door hangers for your party you may want to check out a company like MyCreativeShop because they got cool stuff at MyCreativeShop.

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation Freebies

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

A friend fell in love with the Trolls Valentine’s I shared recently and asked me to whip up some invitations for her daughter’s Birthday Party.  I love the way they came out!

If you’re planning a Trolls themed Birthday party, be sure to snatch up a set of these free printables.

When printing from a home printer, I recommend using 8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock or photo paper.  If you prefer, you can send the file to your local photo printing company (Walgreens, Staples, etc) to have them printed up for you.

I have two versions of the DIY Trolls Birthday Invitations for you:

The PDF version will print two to a page, with each invitation being 5″ x 7.5″ – Free DIY Trolls Birthday Invitations PDF

The JPG version will print individual invitations, with each invitation being 4″ x 6″ – Free DIY Trolls Invitation Printables 4×6″

After you have all of your invitations printed out, simply write down all the party details and start passing them out!


Want your invitations customized?

Sign up for our email newsletter and send me an email with the details! Be sure to include the name, age, date, time, place and any RSVP information you want included in the invitation and I’ll send you a customized copy! Be sure to send me the details EXACTLY as you want them to appear on the invitation.

UPDATE: Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of emails about these invitations, so wanted to add a quick update –

YES! They are FREE!  Again, just send me a quick “Hello!” and include the name, age, date, time, place and any RSVP information (EXACTLY as you want it on the invitation) and I’ll get a customized invite sent your way! (***PLEASE double check that the information is correct before you send it to me. You’ll get your customized invitation back so much faster that way!)

IMPORTANT – I HATE that I even have to mention this, but PLEASE have all of the information ready and CORRECT before requesting a customized copy.  These are free, but I do have a family and a job as well. I can’t guarantee MULTIPLE edits due to a third venue change, multiple time changes, etc. So please make sure you know exactly when and where the party will be before requesting your invitations. Thank you!

Don’t forget to grab our free Trolls Party Tags and Thank You Cards too!







Joelle Paige

Monday 13th of July 2020

Can someone help me customize a trolls birthday invite for my daughter


Monday 13th of July 2020

Hello Joelle!

I'd be happy to help! Send me an email to with all the details and I'll get that customized and sent out to you.




Tuesday 25th of April 2017

That was for the Trolls invitation


Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Hi Wilsa! I'd be happy to customize the Trolls invitation for you. Will you please send me an email at with the information? It's safer than added personal details here, as a comment. Thank you! ~Billie

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