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Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft

My son found a box of gingerbread cookies in the Walmart bakery section over the weekend and asked if we could buy them. Oh my goodness! I had forgotten how much I love gingerbread cookies! Of course, homemade is always better so we’ll be sure to find time to make some homemade ones this weekend. In the meantime, we created this cute Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft. It’s the third character in our Christmas accordion series, and he’s oh so cute!

Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion CraftGingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft

If you made the other two characters in this Christmas craft series, you already know how this works. If not, you’ll need to start by gathering up a few supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper
Pink Crayon
Black Marker
Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


Each page of the printable template has instructions, telling you the color of construction paper to print each page out on. Print out your template pages as instructed. You can also use white construction paper if you want to color in your Gingerbread Boy or use the template as a stencil, tracing your pieces onto the colored paper.

After printing out your template, carefully cut out all of the pieces.


Begin assembling your Gingerbread Boy. Start with the white “frosting” at the top of his head. Then glue is head to the top of his body before adding on the bow and buttons.


Using a black marker and pink crayon, customize your Gingerbread Boy by giving him any face of your choosing.

Next, you’ll need to cut out four, 2 inch wide strips of brown paper. Fold each strip, alternating the direction back and forth, to create an accordion fold.



When the strips are complete, glue them to the back of your Gingerbread Boy, giving him arms and legs.

Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft Free Kids Craft


And that’s it. Allow him to dry and your craft is finished. Customize your Gingerbread Boy by using any colors you want and then put him up on display!

Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft Printable DIY Activity

Ready to make your own Gingerbread Boy Christmas Accordion Craft? Click the button below to get the free printable template!

And don’t forget to grab the rest of the printable templates in this series!

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