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Gingerbread Gift Card Holder Christmas Craft

Gift cards always make great gifts – allowing the recipient to get something they’ve been really wanting, something they need, or help save up for a goal purchase.  However, giving gift cards is always better when accompanied with a cute gift card holder!  Today, we are sharing this adorable Gingerbread Gift card Holder Christmas Craft. 


Gingerbread Gift Card Holder Christmas Craft

Gingerbread Gift Card Holder Christmas Craft


This printable set comes with three different craft options, each one a bit more advanced than the previous.  


The first page is a simple print, cut, glue and give craft.  It’s a full-color version of the Gingerbread Gift Card craft and it’s great for last-minute planning.


The second version is a color-it-yourself version.  Choose any colors you want and get creative making your own Gingerbread Gift Card holder.



And the third, and final option allows you to trace and cut out the individual pieces from colored construction paper or other materials, giving you complete creative freedom!



To create this adorable Gingerbread Gift Card Holder, start by printing out the version you want to work with.  


Gingerbread Gift Card Holder Christmas Craft Free Printable


If you’re working with the second or third page, begin building or coloring in your Gingerbread character.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, so just get creative and have fun with it.  Want your Gingerbread character to be pink? Go for it!  Covered in glitter? Of course!  Do whatever makes you happy!


When you’re ready, carefully cut out your Gingerbread character.   Fold back along all three dotted lines and glue the tabs to the back side of your gift card holder.



If you want, use a hole punch to add a small ribbon to the top of your gingerbread character.  After the glue has dried, pop in your favorite gift card.



And that’s it! Your Gingerbread gift card holder is complete!


Gingerbread Gift Card Holder Christmas Craft


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