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Gingerbread House 3D Papercraft

We make gingerbread houses every year. It’s a fun Christmas tradition that we look forward to each December, even the teens! This year, the kids couldn’t wait and we made them Thanksgiving weekend. So last weekend we made this Gingerbread House 3D Papercraft!

Gingerbread House 3D PapercraftGingerbread House 3D Papercraft Printable Christmas Craft

Isn’t it just adorable!

Before getting started, you’ll need the printable templates found at the end of this page and a few other basic supplies.


  1. Colored cardstock paper
  2. Colored craft papers
  3. White embossed paper
  4. Craft foam sheet
  5. X-acto knife (optional)
  6. Ruler (optional)
  7. Pencil
  8. Scissors
  9. Craft glue


I’m using cream colored cardstock paper to make the layers for this 3d papercraft; the cream color will give a creamy look since we’re making a gingerbread house scene. Trace the layer patterns onto cream colored cardstock paper and cut them out carefully. Carefully cut out the center patterns using an x-acto knife or scissors. For the background, use blue colored craft paper.


Arrange the cardstock cutouts in layers, as shown.


Cut out some thin strips from the craft foam sheet. These strips will be used to add depth between each layer.


Grab the bottom layer and place it on a flat surface. Attach 4 craft foam strips on each of the 4 sides of the bottom layer.


Apply glue on the top surface of the attached strips and then place the second layer on the top of the glued strip border.


Continue attaching the rest of the layers in the same way. Don’t forget to add the craft foams strips between each cardstock layer.


Set that aside and trace the gingerbread house pattern from brown colored cardstock paper. Trace the roof, door frame, and window frame from white embossed paper and the door and window background from colored craft papers. Carefully cut out each piece.


Attach the roof, door and window on the house cutout to complete the gingerbread house.


Trace the gingerbread man cookie from brown colored cardstock paper. Decorate the paper cookie to create a gingerbread man.


Trace and cut out the bulb string pattern and the bulbs from colored craft papers.


If you want, add a tree to the 3D scene. Use green cardstock paper to craft a tree and add a white layer on the top of the tree pattern as snow.


And now all your items are ready? If you’re happy with everything, start adding them to your 3d layered canvas.


Attach the house, tree, Christmas lights and gingerbread man cookie between the layers to create a beautiful scene.

Gingerbread House 3D Papercraft Free Printable Christmas Craft


Allow to dry and put your masterpiece on display!

Gingerbread House 3D Papercraft Christmas Craft


To recreate this Gingerbread House 3D Papercraft, click the button below to grab the free printable template!

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