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Gingerbread Man Spinning Christmas Card Craft

Do you still send out Christmas cards? Whether you’re looking for unique cards to hand out this year or simply looking for a fun Christmas craft to complete, this Gingerbread Man Spinning Christmas Card Craft is a great choice! The free printable template, paired with a few basic supplies, make this an easy craft to put together. 


Gingerbread Man Spinning Christmas Card Craft


This spinning Christmas card is so fun and will be loved by kids and adults alike! View the video below to see it in action.




Ready to recreate your own? First gather up a few basic supplies:

White cardstock
Craft glue
Fishing line or thin thread
Printable Template


To get started, grab the free printable template at the end of this post and print out both sheets onto white cardstock. 



Cut the first page in half, along the dotted line. 



With the printed side down, fold and crease that bottom half of the page in half, lining up the edges. This will be the base of your card.



Cut out the top patterned rectangle with the large white circle in the middle. 



Apply a small amount of glue to the back left and right edges of the rectangle.  Be sure to leave the top and bottom areas free of glue.  Glue this rectangle to the left side of the card, lining up the edges carefully as shown below.  Trim any excess if necessary.  Allow the glue to dry.



Next, fold and crease the glued-together pieces (the left hand half of the card) in half backwards forming a Z-shaped fold as shown below. 



Carefully cut out the circle, following the half circle shape while pieces are folded back in half.



Next, cut out both of the gingerbread men, “Season’s Greetings” circle, and other accessories.



Glue the “Season’s Greetings” circle in the center of the right hand side of the card.



Cut 8 inches of thin thread or fishing line and grab your gingerbread men.



Center the thread in the middle of the back of one of your gingerbread men.  Glue it into place and carefully glue the gingerbread man directly on top, lining up the edges.  Essentially, you are sandwiching the thread between the gingerbread men as shown below.  Allow your gingerbread men to dry.



Carefully open the unglued sections at the top and bottom of the cutout circle on the card. Place the thread from each end of the gingerbread man through the holes.  While keeping the thread taut on each end, place a small amount of glue in the holes and press together, gluing your thread in place. 



For added security, wrap each thread end to the back of the card and into the back crease. Add some glue and secure the thread by pressing the crease back together.  Allow your card to dry.



Finally, add in the extra accessories to finish up your card.



You can use all the accessories, just a few, or even print out more of them. 



Add them to the front or back of your card. Get creative and make the card yours.




To allow your gingerbread to spin, it helps to twist it in one direction several times before closing your card.  This will allow him to spin when the card is opened up.



Ready to get started? Grab the free printable template by clicking the button below!

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