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Halloween Activity Printable Packet

Looking for more fun, printable Halloween activities? This Halloween Activity Printable Packet comes with 6 activity pages to complete or color.  It also comes with a cute cover page, allowing you to form a small activity book to hand out to friends, classmates, or trick-or-treaters! 


Halloween Activity Printable Packet


You can print these activity pages out using regular printer paper.



However, if you want the memory game or the mask to be a little more durable, I recommend printing everything out onto heavy weight paper or white cardstock. 



This printable packet comes with a “What Comes Next?” activity.  Figure out the pattern in each line and circle the item that comes next.



There’s also a Halloween themed Memory Game.  This is one I definitely recommend printing out on cardstock or heavy weight paper if you have it on hand. It’ll prevent players from being able to see the images when the cards are turned upside down.  


After printing out both game pieces (or one if you just want a small version of the game), carefully cut out each game piece with a pair of scissors.  



If you haven’t played Memory before, the object of the game is to be the player who collects the most pairs. 



Simply shuffle the cards and lay them in rows, face down.  Each player will take turns flipping two cards over at a time. If they match, keep them. If they don’t, turn them back over.  To win, you’ll want to remember where each card is in order to find it’s matching piece.  The game is over when all cards have been matched with it’s pair.  The player with the most matches wins the game.



This printable packet also includes a cute Trick or Treat coloring page and mask.  As with the Memory game pieces, I recommend printing the mask out on cardstock or heavy weight paper if you have it available. This will make your mask a little sturdier.  

Alternatively, you could use regular paper and seal it with self-adhesive laminating sheets after coloring. 



After coloring your mask in, carefully cut around the outside of the mask, following the dotted lines, and have a parent help cut out the eyes of the mask.  You can then glue a popsicle stick to the bottom back of the mask or punch holes in the ears and thread string through them to transform this page into a mask. 


And finally, this printable activity packet also includes an adorable Halloween I-Spy activity.  Find and count all the cute costumed kids and Halloween images.



And of course, as mentioned above, this printable packet comes with an adorable cover page.



Use this cover page to combine all activity pages into a fun, Halloween-themed book to pass out to neighbors, friends, students, and trick-or-treaters!


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