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Halloween Pumpkin Treat Boxes

Halloween decorations are up and the kids can hardly wait for Halloween night! In the meantime, they’ve got all kinds of Halloween-themed crafts and recipes they want to get started on, such as these Halloween Pumpkin Treat Boxes.

Halloween Pumpkin Treat Boxes

Halloween Pumpkin Treat Boxes Free Printable Craft

These Jack-o-lanterns are so simple to create and make great decorations or treat boxes!

I filled these with Hershey’s kisses to give to each of the kids and they loved them! These pumpkins are currently on display in our living room for everyone to see.


I recommend printing the template out on heavy-weighted or cardstock paper. After you’ve printed it out, carefully cut everything out. Using an Exacto Knife, cut a small slit slightly wider than the stem in the top, orange box, as shown:


After you’ve placed your slit in the top, turn your pumpkin over and fold your box inwards on all the lines, then glue the box together, leaving the top open.


Next, grab the two green vines and tightly roll into spirals. If you can’t do this by hand, try using a pencil or something similar.


Now that you have your vines prepped, you need to decide which of the two faces on your box will be the main one. Then carefully slide the brown stem into the slit on the top of the box, followed by one end of each vine.


You want to carefully fold over the stem and vine ends and glue or tape them to the bottom of the box lid.  My vine stems are tucked under the end of the stem.

And that’s it! Fill your box with goodies, close the lid and share with family and friends!


These make great additions to your holiday decor, as well, so be sure to create some extras to display around the house!

To make your own, grab the free printable here:

Pumpkin Box Printable

Happy Printing!

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