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Halloween Word Search Printable

Do your kids love Word Searches?  Even as an adult, I still love to pick up a Word Search from time to time, even if the kids aren’t around.  Of course, it’s a lot of fun completing them together too – with your kids – seeing who can find the words first.  We’ve even printed out extra copies and made a game of it – racing to see who can finish the page before anyone else.  Whether you’re printing one for yourself, your kids, or your students, grab this free Halloween Word Search Printable.


Halloween Word Search Printable

Halloween Word Search Printable Free Activity



Halloween is quickly approaching and the stores are completely stocked up on costumes and decorations. My kids love word searches and asked for a Halloween version. I whipped up this Halloween Word Search printable with 27 Spooktacular words to find!


Halloween Word Search Printable


Find words like Frankenstein, haunted, costumes, goblin, Halloween, cauldron, monster and more.  27 words in all, some of them short and easy to read and others a bit longer – challenging those young readers to stretch and advance their reading skills. 

This crossword puzzle is great for elementary school students but teenagers (and even adults) will have fun with it, as well. My older son couldn’t wait to get started on it!


printable halloween word search activity teacher


To print out your own crossword puzzle, simply visit the link below.

Free Halloween Cross Word Puzzle


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