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Hammerhead Printable Sea Craft

Oh my Gosh! I absolutely love the pictures you guys are sending of the Swordfish craft you all recreated. Keep them coming! And if you liked the Swordfish craft, be sure to grab this Hammerhead Printable Sea Craft too. We had so much fun putting it together and it’s super easy to recreate.

Hammerhead Printable Sea Craft


To make your own version of this Hammerhead shark, you’ll need to gather up the following supplies first:



And if you want to add the watercolor background, grab these supplies too:

Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paint
Paint Brush



After gathering up all of your supplies, download and print the hammerhead shark template found at the bottom of this post.



When all the pieces are cut out, use a glue stick or white craft glue to glue all the pieces together.



If you want, just like with the Swordfish, you can cut out small pieces of paper and glue them onto the Hammerhead to create “shine” and give it some more life.



If you feel like adding some additional “character” to your Hammerhead Shark, grab a sharpie or black marker and add in details as shown below.



And that’s it! Your Hammerhead shark is done! If you want, you can glue your new friend to construction paper or you can keep reading and recreate the watercolor background.


Hammerhead Printable Sea Craft Free printable


Watercolor Background Instructions

If you made the Swordfish, go ahead and skip this part because the directions are the same and I’m sure you’re an expert by now! Before you start, prepare a surface with a vinyl tablecloth or with newspaper for easy cleanup.  Then grab your watercolor paints in any shades of you blue you want. You can also add in additional colors, such as green, yellow or anything else you want!


Next, using a paintbrush coat your paper in water until it’s damp but not soaked. Add watercolor paint to your paper and cover the paper in your blues and/or additional colors. Keep going until you’re happy with how it looks.



When you’re done painting, and before it’s dry, sprinkle a few pinches of salt across the wet paint. It’s extremely important to do this while the paint is wet, otherwise the salt will not stick and it won’t work. Adding the salt to your painting is optional, but it will cause the paint to separate and give the paint a more “explosive” looking effect.


Finally, allow the paper to dry completely. This will take quite a while as your paper will be pretty wet. Once it’s dry, add on your Hammerhead Shark friend.  And if you want, grab the bubbles and starfish printables to add those characters to your masterpiece as well! You can find those at the bottom of the Swordfish printable craft we shared earlier this week.



And just like the Swordfish craft, you can make several of these in various colors for a fun bulletin board craft or to display around your room!


Ready to get started? Click the button below to grab the Hammerhead template.


And don’t forget to grab the rest of the Sea Craft printable templates! Click the photo below to see all of them.

Four Printable Sea Crafts. Hermit Crab, Hammerhead Shark, Hermit Crab, and Swordfish!

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