Happy and Sad Earth Craft Activity and Printable

I’ve got one more last minute Earth Day craft and activity to share with you! Use the printable template to create your own Happy and Sad Earth. When you’re done, use the printable activity sheet to learn about all the good ways we can help the Earth! Gather a few supplies and get started on your very own Happy and Sad Earth Craft Activity and Printable.


Happy and Sad Earth CraftHappy and Sad Earth Craft Activity and Printable


How fun are these?! Velcro added to the back of the face pieces allow you to change their facial expressions, depending on whether they are happy or sad.



To get started you will need:

Velcro Dots



After you’ve gathered your supplies, download and print the template found at the bottom of this page.  Use crayons to color out the template before cutting all the pieces out.



Add four velcro dots to the Earth as shown in the photo. Two of the dots will go where you want to put the eyes, one where you want to the mouth to go and one where you want to put the heart/bandaid. Add the other side of the velcro dots to the back side of the template pieces – the mouth, eyes, etc.



Stick the velcro pieces together to finish your Earth face. If you are only making one Earth, your little one can have fun changing the facial expressions on their Earth.



The long rectangle piece from the template will be used to create your arms and legs. Trace the template onto green or blue cardstock and cut out four pieces for each Earth.



Fold each arm and leg piece in an accordion shape as shown in the photo.



Glue the arms and legs onto your Earth and your Earth craft is finished!








After your Earth is done, use the Earth Worksheet printable and let your little one highlight the things that make the Earth happy.  Cross out those items that harm the Earth.



This craft can be used as a great learning tool to discuss what we can do to help the Earth and the things we shouldn’t do.



Ready to make your own? Grab the printable below!



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