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Haunted House Scratch Art

My kids had so much fun with the Pumpkin Scratch Art we shared yesterday.  So much fun, in fact, that they asked for a Haunted House one! Grab the free printable template and a few basic supplies to recreate this Haunted House Scratch Art with your kids this Halloween!


Haunted House Scratch Art Free Halloween Template


First, gather up your supplies:

White Cardstock or Construction Paper
Crayons (broken crayons are perfect for this)
Black Paint
Dish Soap
Large Paint Brush
Scratch Tool (chopsticks work well)
Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


After gathering up all of your supplies, find the printable template at the end of this post and print it out.  Carefully cut out the template and set it aside for now.


Take a piece of white cardstock and fill it in completely with crayon.  You can use one color or several, stick to Halloween colors or use any color you want.  




Next, grab a bowl and mix your black paint with a few drops of dish soap.



Using your large paintbrush, coat the entire piece of paper you just covered with crayon.  You won’t want any of the crayon colors peeking through.   After completely covering the page with black paint, set it aside and allow to dry completely.



After the paint has completely dried, turn your black page over and trace the Haunted House template on the back with pencil.  Carefully cut out the template. 


Haunted House Scratch Art Free Halloween Template


Now it’s time to start scratching your art into it!  Grab your scratch tool and carefully begin scratching away the black paint to reveal the crayon colors underneath.  There’s no wrong way to do this. Have fun with it!


Haunted House Scratch Art Free Halloween Template


You can use the scraps to make a fence, moon, or anything else you want to add to your Haunted House scene.


Haunted House Scratch Art Free Halloween Template Printable


When you’re ready, glue everything onto a bright or black piece of cardstock or construction paper.


Haunted House Scratch Art Free Halloween Template


Super cute, right?  Ready to make your own?  Click the button below to grab the free template.

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