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Hide the Acorn Game Printable

Do you have a weekly or monthly family game night? There’s almost nothing better than a family game night! And while we don’t have a set weekly or monthly game night, we do try to have a family game night as often as possible with everyone’s busy schedules, even if it’s just a quick game before we head out the door. 


My son and I had so much fun with this Hide the Acorn Game that he insists we play another round later tonight. He’s also requested several more copies of this game to take to school to play with his friends during breaks.  It’s a fun, simple game, just like 해외토토사이트, that’s perfect for Fall, Thanksgiving, or even year round!


Hide the Acorn Game Printable

Hide the Acorn Game Printable Thanksgiving game


Have you ever played the game Battleship?  It’s been years since I’ve played, but my son recently discovered a fun Battleship app on his phone.  It comes in handy while waiting on our food at the restaurant!  He loves the game so much, that I just knew he’d love this Hide the Acorn version.


If you enjoy Battleship, you’ll probably enjoy this game too.  And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the game Battleship, this is a simple, yet fun, game of hide and seek!


This is a two person game, so you’ll need two copies of the printable game piece (found at the end of this post) to play.  You’ll also need something to write with, such as a pencil, marker, crayon, etc.  Just grab whatever you have on hand!


Hide the Acorn Game Free Battleship type game


After downloading and printing out your free game pieces, each player takes one sheet.  Each player will then draw an acorn in one of the squares on the bottom, brighter section of their game piece.


Hide the Acorn Game Free treasure hunt game


Obviously, the acorn doesn’t have to be perfect and doesn’t even have to be an acorn.  If an acorn is too hard for younger players, they can draw a circle, place a checkmark, fill in the square –  whatever works for them. 


After they’ve picked out a square to “hide” the acorn in, fold the paper in half along the dotted line, as shown below.



This “hides” your acorn from your opponent, while they try to guess where it’s hidden!


Now, there are a few ways you can play this game. You can name out colors, “Is your acorn on a yellow square?”  Or use other descriptive words, “Is your acorn on a branch?”  Another way to play this game is to use the grid as a guide, “Is your acorn in square A-9?”  Which version you play will be determined by how much time you have and how old/skilled your players are. 


Obviously, calling out specific squares, such as F-5, will most likely (unless you or your opponent is extremely lucky) make the game last longer.  It’s also a good way for younger players to learn beginning alphabet and numbers!


My son wanted a little bit of a challenge (and wanted the game to last as long as possible), so he asked that we play by the grid.


Take turns asking questions and putting a cross or X through any squares your opponent answers “no” to.



The player who finds their opponents hidden acorn first wins the game!  And if you’re like us, you’ll have to grab a couple more game pieces for a rematch!


The game pieces have instructions on them as well.  So print out a few extras to hand out to friends or have on hand any time you need to entertain the kids for a bit. 


This makes a great pre-Thanksgiving activity while the kiddos are waiting for food to be served!


Get your printer ready and click the button below to play this fun, fall-themed game.  Enjoy and let us know how you like it!

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