Horton Hears a Who Bubble Wrap Craft

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday we’ve got several Dr. Seuss themed crafts and printables to share with you all over the next several days, because what better way to celebrate than with free printables!  First up is this adorable Horton Hears a Who Bubble Wrap Craft.  


Horton Hears a Who Bubble Wrap Craft

We love Dr. Seuss and all of the Dr. Seuss Characters. Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, etc.  They’re all so interesting and lovable.  So of course, we like to come up with and complete new Dr. Seuss crafts each year, sharing the free Dr. Seuss printables with you all!


If you’ve completed any of our other print and paste crafts, you know these come together fairly easily and with just a few simple supplies.  This Horton Hears a Who craft is no exception, but we’ve added a fun little bubble wrap detail to his clover.  


Kids love bubble art crafts and we’ve got a few of them to share with you, but this one is a great beginner piece to start with.  The bubble art section on this craft is small compared to the rest of the Horton craft, allowing room for trial and error. 


Of course, it doesn’t have to be perfect and the key here is to have fun with it.  But again, it’s a great introduction craft to bubble art as we will be sharing more Dr. Seuss Bubble Art crafts soon that consist of a lot more use of the bubble wrap.  


To get started, you’ll need to first gather up a few basic supplies. 



Cardstock Paper in white, grey, and green (optional colored cardstock for the background as well)
Bubble wrap (you’ll want the kind with the smaller bubbles)
craft paint
paint brush
Markers (optional, for adding extra details where wanted)


And of course, you’ll need the printable template that can be found at the end of this post (look for the “click here” button).


You’ll want to print the first three pages of your template out onto your grey cardstock.  The four template page should be printed on green, with the remaining two pages printed onto white cardstock.



After gathering up your supplies, use the paint brush to gently brush the craft paint onto the bubble side of your bubble wrap.  Before it dries, carefully press the clover flower page you printed onto the bubble wrap.  Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Have fun with this part.  The goal here is simply to give your clover some character and a fun texture. 


Allow your clover page to dry and carefully cut out all of your template pieces. 



After cutting everything out, it’s time to piece and glue everything together.  Start with Horton’s body, gluing his head to the top.   Then add his ears to the back of his head.  Glue the clover stem and flower in place then position and attach Horton’s eyes.


Use the image below to guide you. 



After gluing together all of Horton’s pieces, allow everything to dry.


If you want, you can grab an extra piece of colored cardstock to use as a background for your Horton craft.


We used both blue and yellow cardstock backgrounds for our Horton Hears a Who crafts and both colors look great.  Allow the background to dry and then your craft is ready to be displayed or gifted!



Doesn’t he just look amazing?  I love the pop of color and texture that the bubble art gave to our clovers.  


Ready to recreate him for yourself or with your kiddos? Click the button below to grab this free printable template:



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