Ladybug Paper Bag Puppet with Printables

If you loved the Bumble bee and Mermaid puppets we shared earlier, you’re going to want to grab the free printable template to recreate this Ladybug Paper Bag Puppet! Add it to your cast of characters for your next puppet show.

Ladybug Paper Bag Puppet

Ladybug Paper Bag Puppet with Printables

We had so much fun making these Ladybug Paper Bag Puppets.  As with the other puppets, you probably have most of the supplies on hand already. Use the free template found at the end of this post and create your own set of Ladybug Puppets.

To get started, gather up your supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper
Paper Bags
Black Marker


After you’ve got all of your supplies gathered up, you’ll want to print and cut out the template found at the end of this post.  With the flap of your bag facing up, cut out large squares of cardstock or construction paper and glue them onto your paper bag.

Using scissors, trim off any extra paper from the sides of your bag.

Trace the wing template onto your red paper and cut it out. Trace the circles for the wings onto black paper and cut them out as well. Then, glue the circles onto your wings and use scissors to trim any extra paper from the sides of your wings.

Trace the ladybug’s face shape onto cardstock and cut it out. Glue the face shape onto the paper bag, using scissors to trim off any extra paper, and glue the wings onto your bag.

Trace the antanee template onto black paper, cut it out and glue it onto the back of the paper bag. Then, cut the eyes out and glue them onto the ladybug’s face.

Trace the small oval onto pink paper, cut it out and glue it just below the eyes. Use a black marker to add a mouth to your ladybug’s face and your ladybug paper bag puppet is finished!

This is such a fun and inexpensive craft for a classroom! Have fun and making ladybugs in every color of the rainbow!


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