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Mad Scientist Line Study Printable Activity

As we continue with our Halloween Line Study series, this Mad Scientist Line Study Printable Activity is the fourth one out of a total of six art projects. Again, this project comes together with very little prep work.
Mad Scientist Line Study Printable Activity
Start by gathering up a few basic supplies:
Construction Paper (or cardstock)
Fine Tip Black Marker
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
Printable Mad Scientist Template (found at the end of this post)
After gathering up your supplies and printing out your template, begin drawing lines in each grid area. Use straight lines or crazy patterns in each section, paying close attention to keeping the lines within the right area.
Don’t draw lines in any areas you want to keep white, such as the eyes, lab coat and glass reflection. Keep drawing lines until you’re happy with your Mad Scientist and then grab your colors and start filling him in!

When you’ve finished coloring in your mad scientist, cut around the border of the template and glue it onto construction paper or cardstock. To create some fun, unique Halloween cards, print the template out at half size.
Mad Scientist Line Study Free Printable Activity
Click the button below to get started on this Mad Scientist Line Study Printable Activity.
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