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Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet with Printables

Do you know a little Mermaid fan? Help them put together this fun Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet! We make it easy with the free printables!

Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet and Printables

Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet Free Printable Craft

Aren’t these puppets just the cutest? They’re extremely easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies laying around the house. This project is great for anyone who loves puppets and mermaids!


First, you’ll need to gather a few simple supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper
Paper Bags
Black Marker
Crayons or Markers

After gathering up all of your supplies, you can get started on your own mermaid puppet!

Download, print and cut out the template found at the end of this post. Then, using a flesh toned cardstock or construction paper, cut out large squares. You want to glue on the side that the square bottom flaps up. Using scissors, trim off any excess paper from the sides.


Grab whatever color you want for the tail, and glue a square of it onto the bottom of the paper bag. Use scissors to trim off any extra paper. Trace the mermaid’s tail template onto cardstock and cut it out. Use glue to attach the tail to the back of the paper bag, aligning it with the colored paper.


Use crayons or markers to color in the seashell bra. Cut out and glue each piece to the front of the paper bag as shown. Next, trace the hair template onto colored paper and cut it out as well. Glue the hair onto the top of the paper bag, using scissors to trim off any excess paper.


Trace the small oval onto pink paper, cut out and glue onto the center of the mermaid’s face. Next, cut the eyes out and glue onto them onto your mermaid. Using a black marker, add a smile and scales to the tail.

Add a cardstock flower to your mermaid’s hair, and your mermaid puppet is finished!

Grab the printable below to recreate your own mermaid.



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Saturday 3rd of October 2020

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